DVD 11.6

DVD 11.6
DVD 11.6
Run time: 102 min
Rating: 5.8
Genres: Drama | Thriller
Director: Philippe Godeau
Writers: Agnès de Sacy, Philippe Godeau
Stars: François Cluzet, Bouli Lanners, Corinne Masiero
Toni Musulin has worked as a security guard on an armored truck for 10 years. One day, with 11.6 million euros on board, he drives off without his two colleagues, committing the ”heist of the century.” Having spent one year planning his robbery, he takes advantage of the flaws in the system that he knows inside out. Leaving his wife and his only friend, he disappears with the money, seeking revenge against his arrogant boss for humiliating him. Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: armored truck, heist, money, colleague, inspired by true events
Country: France
Release Date: 3 April 2013 (France)


  1. The authentic tale of Toni Musulin, the security guard who got away, back in 2009, aboard the armored truck he drove. This story has already been filmed in 2011: 1,2,3 Voleurs, a TV movie. Pure crap, starring Nicolas Cazale, the Antonio Banderas's face like french actor.

    This movie – 11.6 – is far better. It emphasizes about the true personality of the lead, played here by François Cluzet, who gives a powerful performance. Although this actor annoys me in his way of acting. But I talk here only of my own taste. He is a good actor, no matter the way I feel about him…

    The character of Toni Musulin is very complex, weird, unforeseeable..

    Like in Nicolas Boukrief's LE CONVOYEUR, back in 2004, the armored trucks security guards are shown here as jerks. For instance in the scene where we see one of them get laid with a prostitute in the back of the truck whilst his colleagues deliver the dol…

    Why such a sequence?

  2. In Paris, the methodic security guard Toni Musulin (François Cluzet) has worked as driver of armored truck of the IBRIS Company for ten years. He lives a loveless marriage with Marion (Corinne Masiero) and works with his best friend Arnaud (Bouli Lanners). His salary is low and Toni usually works overtime to increase his income.

    One day, Toni accidentally finds that his overtime is miscalculated and he discuss the subject with his arrogant boss that cares the least bit to his complaint and humiliates him. Toni seeks revenge against his boss plotting a heist exploring the fragility of the security system of IBRIS and he steals 11.6 million Euros that are transported in the armored truck.

    "11.6" is a deceptive movie with a promising story but awful screenplay. François Cluzet is a great actor but his character is not well developed. The guy has an income of less than two thousand Euros per month but apparently has saved enough to buy a Ferrari exploiting his wife that works hard in her small restaurant and gives bed and food to him. He plans a heist, steals the money from the armored truck, hides the money in his garage, travels to Monaco to meet a woman that he saw once in a night-club and finally he gives himself up to the police. Toni seems to be a bad character, defrauding the insurance company and exploiting his wife, but he does neither use nor flee with the money. Therefore all the operation is only to pay his boss back for his mistreatment? My vote is five.

    Title (Brazil): "O Grande Assalto 11.6" ("The Great Heist 11.6")

  3. Reality is stranger than fiction. Then again, if "fiction" adapts a real story is it even stranger? The movie might be an example of that. Very well played by its main actor (you might see him in other movies too), the movie is weird to say the least. The relationships between the characters are very realistic, but the motivation of the main character sometimes remains hidden.

    If that is something you can handle and you like weird stories/movies, then this might be your thing exactly. The German title of the movie gives away what this is going to be about, but that doesn't matter much, because you get the sense where this is going. Another reviewer wrote this is a remake, I cannot confirm that, so I'm not sure/aware of any other movie existing in the same vein

  4. i like the actor who played the main role of this film, but i just can't say that this film is any better than the older ones. this film is poorly scripted, poorly directed and poorly edited. we just saw a guy who's among the losers taking that money transporting job, day in and day out without any possible break-through in the foreseeable future. there's nothing really matters and needs to be told about. the guy was upset and angry almost at every thing, his job, his marriage, his low income, his colleagues, his unfairly miscalculated over time, not hours but minutes. he is like a insect trapped on a spider's web. he stole the money truck and stored the money in a storage unit, drove away on a motor bike to the alpines, to Monaco, then what? willingly gave himself up to the police. the screenplay just felt so hollow and boring to the extreme. there's really nothing to tell to the movie viewers. this is a film that should never have been produced or reproduced, just wasted some Euros and a bunch of actors's time to patch up a deadbeat, totally pointless and purposeless film. do not think about renting the DVD, because i assure you that you'd disappoint like me, even $1.00 rented from Wal-Mart is too much.

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