DVD 22:43

DVD 22:43
DVD 22:43

Run time: 93 min
Rating: 7.8
Genres: Crime | Mystery
Director: Markus Hautz
Writers: Markus Hautz
Stars: Martin Loos, Anton Noori, Laila Alina Reischer
365 days. 416 pages. Euphoria. But no ones interested in Max’ manuscript. Reality again destroys his big dream of a writing life. 365 days. 416 pages. Frustration. A night-time walk should righten the world. The opposite becomes reality. White light, then darkness. The car missed Max, but all of a sudden an eerie aura surrounds him. Trepidation. Anger. Grief. Slowly but surely the cladding begins to crumble and the two biggest tyrants appear: Coincidence and time. In this opaque game of a dark and unknown power a 15 year old secret is the key to knowledge. With any further hour Max becomes aware of his guilt… Written by Markus Hautz
Country: Austria

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