DVD Action’s on You

DVD Action’s on You
DVD Action’s on You

Run time: 93 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy | Drama
Director: Adam Driggers, Derek Van Valkenburg
Writers: Adam Driggers, Ray Guerrero
Stars: Adam Driggers, Ray Guerrero, Mathew Jordan
A story about anyone and anywhere – condensed around a poker game shared by five guys in the vacuum of their little hometown. Once a week they gather for a game of poker – the highlight of their week. There they exchange stories and experiences, their inexperiences and their obstacles, their opportunities to succeed beyond the gravity their town anchors them down to, and the failures that keep them there. No matter the outcome, no matter how the days seem to bleed into one another, no matter if life seems to offer nothing better, there’s always the game. Written by Anonymous
Country: USA

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