DVD All Stars

DVD All Stars

Run time: 106 min
Rating: 4.8
Genres: Comedy
Director: Ben Gregor
Writers: Paul Gerstenberger
Stars: Theo Stevenson, Akai Osei-Mansfield, Ashley Jensen
Two kids look to throw an ambitious dance show in order to save their struggling youth center.
Country: UK
Release Date: 3 May 2013 (UK)


  1. Overall: This is a great film, with some humorous moments, and enjoyable not only for street dancing lovers but people who don't like that sort of thing very much (like me). But the film is also predictable, like in some bits you know what's going to happen.

    Plot: (CONTAINS SPOILERS) Two schoolboys try and make a street dancing gang to fund their youth center, so they can stop it being bulldozed down.

    Good bits: Some bits are funny, and the film is appealing to all ages, young and old. There is a good feel to it, a roller coaster ride through the good and bad bits, breaking up and getting back together.

    Bad bits: (CONTAINS SPOILERS) Predictable at some times. Some scenes are a bit strange, like a human space invaders game and a paper sword fighting thing.

    Theo Stevenson is Ethan, who is the main character, probably. In the movie. (He is the same guy who played Horrid Henry in Horrid Henry the Movie.) The other boy is Akai-Osei Mansfield.

  2. I feel that this is a good family fun movie for all ages, it shows the issues around youth and how places like the garage helps young people develop in themselves. It also shows the issues around the government cutting costs which affect young people. As well as this it shows how if a young person believes in something they can achieve despite what others may say or think.

    As a movie maker and media teacher myself i feel that it is a film with great shots and very artistically filmed with great choreographing. Only thing i would personally say is it takes a little while to kick in which might put some people off but once its got going its very upbeat with great music as well as good acting.

    If your looking for a movie that you don't need to think about for a nice chilled evening alone or with the kids then id recommend this movie.

  3. ***Contains names and personalities of a handful of characters***

    I never have seen such a bad film that gives a TERRIBLE reputation to child actors/actresses. There were no redeeming qualities in the characters, they were total 'chavs' that liked dancing, none of them were likable. In fact, I struggled to even get through this entire film. I didn't, and ended up writing about the part I did see. We have Ethan, this boy, who falls for this airhead called Lucy? I have no clue if he hooked up with that other girl, who was hardly appealing either. The other girl, was a violent karate prodigy. The storyline is so lazily written, and I feel like most of the budget was spent on dancing. They had some really good dancing, really, they did. I understand this was a dancing film but this lacked creativity and any acting skills whatsoever. Whoever directed this, I'm sure are skilled, but this film is not their best, I can safely say this is their worst. I find the rating way too high for a film this terrible.

    List of Bad things I saw: Plot Holes -SO MANY OF THEM, I CAN'T EVEN LIST THEM!- Fragments of plots! If Lucy's boyfriend is 'an idiot', why is she dating him? She didn't show any affection for him in the half hour or so I watched. Child actors from previous films that were awful.

    The only good thing: Akai Osei dancing. Apart from that, this film was a mess that never should have been created.

  4. I did actually like the film, i thought it was pretty enjoyable and was funny at some points.

    I don't really like dancing films and things like that but this was overall a good film.

    I only have one little thing that annoyed me, it was the ending to the film. I thought it was a really bad ending and they could have given a better conclusion to the story. (Spoiler!!) In the ending it ends with the two of the main characters taking a selfie together….

    This ending probably annoyed me more than it should have but all in all a good film and i think young-ish kids would love this film especially if they like street dance.

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