DVD All That I Am

DVD All That I Am
DVD All That I Am
Run time: 82 min
Rating: 6.2
Genres: Drama
Director: Carlos Puga
Writers: Carlos Puga
Stars: Christopher Abbott, Gaby Hoffmann, Christopher McCann
On the eve of a looming family reunion, Christian’s estranged father unexpectedly shows up at his door asking for help. Despite abandoning the family at the onset of his wife’s terminal illness , Dr. Lynn claims he can justify his nine-year absence. Christian reluctantly agrees to escort his father into a hostile family environment, but his grief-fueled drug addiction sends an already tense family dynamic reeling. Written by Anonymous
Country: USA
Release Date: 10 March 2013 (USA)

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  1. I will keep this review simple.

    The scenery is nice. The acting is good. The end seems incomplete, but not too much so.

    It lacks any real resolution or purpose.

    The characters are all likable enough, and understandable. And with few exceptions flawed, hurt by events in their past.

    It's not a bad movie, and might stir up emotions and be thought provoking for some.

    Worth a rent/watch if you are looking to kill some time.

    The start seemed a little slow, but thereafter the pacing picks up.

    It had a very real quality to it without looking video-ish.

    There was nothing very hard to watch.

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