DVD Amaro amore

DVD Amaro amore
DVD Amaro amore
Run time: 100 min
Rating: 5.6
Genres: Drama
Director: Francesco Henderson Pepe
Writers: Francesco Henderson Pepe, Giacomo Scarpelli
Stars: Aylin Prandi, Francesco Casisa, Malik Zidi
Love is a bitter history of formation and growth. The discovery of the world. The self-discovery. The restless overcoming fragile shadow line of the first youth marks the path of three boys from different worlds who meet in heaven and ancestral magic of the islands. Romance of André (Malik Zidi), Camille (Aylin Prandi) and Santino (Francesco Casisa) end up exploding inside the frame closed the island of Salina, surrounded by a sea that seems to contain the memory of legends, rumors and atavistic prejudices. Stands out in this scenario of green and blue, the figure of Assunta (Angela Molina), mother Mediterranean, passionate, possessive and mysterious. Written by antonello
Country: Italy
Release Date: 23 May 2013 (Italy)

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