DVD American Idiots

DVD American Idiots
DVD American Idiots

Run time: 92 min
Rating: 2.2
Genres: Comedy | Romance
Director: Robert Taleghany
Writers: Jeffrey T. Schoettlin
Stars: Jeffrey T. Schoettlin, Sean Muramatsu, Caroline D’Amore
After losing the girl of his dreams to another man, Wyatt and his posse pack their suitcases and head out on the craziest, screwball road trip to Las Vegas to win her back. With less then twenty-seven hours to break up her wedding, they must make it before it is too late without falling apart at the seams and living up to their names… American Idiots! Written by Lionsgate
Plot Keywords: masturbation, on the road, race against the clock
Country: USA
Release Date: 18 June 2013 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $750,000 (estimated)


  1. Yeah, only watched the movie for 20 minutes. It is the most disjointed, nonsensical film I've had the pleasure of starting in years.

    To the executive producers who bankrolled this film: I hope that $750K was worth being an actor/actress in a feature-length presentation.

    To the writer, Schitty: you should've stayed at LSU.

    To the director: stick to accounting.

    The first 6 scenes in this movie do nothing to set a stage or develop characters…they exists solely to push played-out jokes onto us (Porky's, etc). The transitions/editing is also pretty horrible.

    Don't bother watching this film because you're curious. You'll regret any minute wasted…I do.

  2. SPOILER ALERT – this movie is tuuuurrrrrrible.

    Hilariously bad, this is the perfect movie to do an 8-ball full of coke to before you paint the walls with the back of your skull.

    A good drinking game to play while watching this movie is to take a shot every time the actors look directly into the camera or smile during a sad scene.

    The plot is a big joke, the dialog hurts my soul and for a good part of the movie it's not entirely clear if the scene is supposed to satirical or not. It's as if a bunch of really top caliber actors got together and decided to make a movie *pretending* to be bad actors in a made- for-no-one TV movie special. The acting is so bad it almost looks on purpose.

    None of the characters are likable, attractive or interesting.

    Just a sad piece of film.

  3. This is indisputable the worst movie I have ever watched (of course for a few minutes).

    The concept was stolen from Hangover 2 except that its filled with disgusting and very stupid scenes.

    Wonder where they got their actors cause I wouldn't want to be part of a production like this.

    Should have a warning saying, "strictly poop lovers".

    Also never watch while eating or if you pregnant.

    To the producers, I'm sorry but you should try and do better things with your time.

    Not worth anybody's time.

  4. I've seen a lot of bad movies, but this one takes the cake. Low technical standards, bad acting, not to mention a over the top cheesy story. They took a lot of clichés from similar, a lot better road-trip movies, made it even more premature, topping it with some nudity. (As if it didn't look bad enough) I DID manage to sit this one through though, because I'm so used to the clichés that my brain tricked me into thinking it had some value. Without spoiling anything I can say that the ending pushed the stars from 2 to 3 for me. That and the boring female friend of the lead is hot in a non-sleazy way, so she saved the three as well. That being said, 3 is not a good grade. 3 sucks! This movie sucks! You might watch it through if you start it, but just because you get tricked. Don't see it. Please. Rather see some other road-trip-movie. Please..

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