DVD American Nudist

DVD American Nudist
DVD American Nudist

Run time: 93 min
Rating: 2.3
Genres: Drama
Director: Clinton H. Wallace
Writers: Clinton H. Wallace, Tony T.L. Young
Stars: Tony T.L. Young, Magda Marcella, Alicia Arden
A young woman invites a filmmaker to follow her through the modern world of nudism.
Country: USA
Release Date: 15 November 2011 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $100,000 (estimated)


  1. The two other reviews (at the moment) give this 10 stars.

    The reviewers have never reviewed another film.

    Do the math.

    "a very stylized, introspective chronicle of a artist's life and his work." Oh really? Please, ignore what I am about to say in the next paragraph….and download this film. Then watch it. You might be sorry, but you'll not doubt my future reviews as being the rantings of a lunatic.

    Once again I've been assaulted by a sub student-grade film. By "stylized", I think the previous reviewer meant to say…."shot on consumer equipment by a student attempting to draw attention away from his complete and absolute lack of talent with vast amounts of nudity".

    Sure, a clever game plan. It got me to watch it. And it was painful.

    This LEGITIMATE review, unlike the others, is the price this film must pay for masquerading as a real film, wasting my time, and offending the Gods of film.

    As I've said before, and it surely applies now…..I have seen MUCH better student films. This film is the result of too little talent, and too much motivation.

  2. worse than the Quintinshill rail disaster of 1915 wherein a train crashed into the wreckage of 2 other trains that had just collided, thereby starting a fire which set a 4th and 5th train ablaze.

    Tony Young may as well have thrown his career into the lava pools of Mordor. his inability to produce or direct is surpassed only by his laughably inept and ineffectual attempts at acting. if not for the name of the film, only his close friends would have seen it, just like the rest of his calamities.

    an insult to naturist communities everywhere.

    hard-earned dishwashing money during the week wasted in an utterly dismal attempt at film making on the weekends.

    the only bright spot is, ironically, a short, dark segment with Wendy McColm. sadly, even she could not hope to bloom in the wake of this travesty.

  3. It was just a waste of my time and bandwidth. I live in a country where internet line is slow, content bandwidth is limited. I downloaded a 700 MB size version of this film which took me 4 hours, and to finish the film it just took me roughly 15 minutes, because after 10 minutes I had no other choice except to fast forward it to the end. By the name of the movie, I got interested in watching, thought it would be something like American Pie. But it was a absolute disaster. Just telling awful would be less. There is nothing to tell about this movie. It cost me almost 5 hours (thanks god I didn't watch the whole movie) and 800 MB content bandwidth which I will never get back.

    If you like to see bullshit, you can watch this. This review system won't let me vote under 1, so still this title is getting some marks.

  4. When I first watched this movie I was a bit confused about the plot but then when I re watched it I realized that the main character Taylor (T. L. Young) is slowly loosing his mind which is shown by his alter egos,by him fending off flying DVD cases, as well as other interesting odd things. An actress/model named Jennifer shows up for one of his casting calls for his movie and becomes interested in him and his movie. At certain points in this movie there are naked people being interviewed by other naked people which is interesting.

    There are also a lot of pretty girls some of whom are naked in it which kept my interest for sure.

    There were 2 scenes I found to be funny. One was when the main character Taylor jumps into a pool fully clothed and then the 2nd one was when he starts doing a funny dance.

    My favorite character was Jennifer (Magda Marcella). She is very pretty. I loved the scene where she gets naked by a pool while a guy watched but you do not get to see anything.

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