DVD Andala Rakshasi

DVD Andala Rakshasi
DVD Andala Rakshasi

Rating: 6.7
Genres: Romance
Director: Hanumantha Rao Raghavapudi
Writers: Hanumantha Rao Raghavapudi
Stars: Naveen Chandra, Rahul Ravindran, Lavanya Tripathi
Andhala Rakshasi is set during the innocent days of 1991. It is Center-staged on three pure hearts Surya, Gowtham and Midhuna and is about falling in love, forgetting and waiting for love. The story celebrates love as well as exposes its dark side of tormenting its patrons in pursuit of it. The three characters resemble the three celestial bodies Sun, moon and Earth. Set in motion by the force of love, the three individuals can neither come close nor cut off but are destined to revolve around the dear ones. In this pursuit of pure love they will be thrown to destinies that they never imagined. Written by Zed
Country: India
Release Date: 10 August 2012 (India)


  1. Andala rakshasi is not a regular movie.Its a combination of live scenes moving on the screen.Every scene of the movie was shot excellently in peaceful locations.Emotions carried out very well in each and every scene.

    The first credit for the movie will obviously goes to the director Hanu Raghavapudi who had mould the film into a beautiful picture.Though the storyline of the film is very short(but very complex),he managed to present it by an awesome screenplay.The next credit for the movie goes to the lead cast Rahul,Naveen,Lavanya.They enters into the soul of characters.Mainly Lavanya was really fantastic.She was really cute as Midhuna.Rahul and Naveen were not less than big actors even in a single scene.Other cast made their part perfectly.

    Music by Radhan is the soul for this film.Its the best audio in recent days.BGM was apt in every scene and feel carried out in the same pace till the end of the film.Production values were very rich.Cinematography by Murali was pleasant.

    The first half of the movie goes on with a great feel and second half with a mixture of entertainment and feel.Climax was not very good but its an opt conclusion for this genre.Dialogues were excellent and added the movie a fresh feel.

    Youth loves the movie very much and also family audience.The feel of the movie lingers with us even after we leave the theater.The camera work, dialogues, back ground score every thing takes us to the time of happening.

    Go catch this movie must.Its a feel best movie ever we have watched in recent days. 8/10

  2. First things first its a great movie except for the climax part….i loved everything in the movie- direction, screenplay, background scores, cinematography and above all the performances by the 3 lead roles. Most of the movie runs pleasantly along with sensible comedy by the dialogs alone….but at the end director decided to send all the audience with a sorrow feeling out of the theater…. Throughout the movie, Mithuna's role is the key role around which the entire film revolves but at the end she is the one who was left alone heartbroken twice.But if you are ready to accept reality and accept any sort of climax if the story demands,then this is a movie worth watching…

  3. When the box office is flooded with mass-entertainers and no-briner's, it is natural to expect a little more from a film like Andala Rakshasi. These high expectations make the film plummet. As the first half of the film progresses, you would be excused for thinking you are watching a Mani Ratnam film but that's mostly got to do with the colors of the film than the content. Reminiscent of romantic classics like Mouna Ragam and Gitanjali, Andala Rakshasi builds up hope only to crush it in the end because it comes across as an imitation — in colors, locales, endings and even in costumes.

    It's a twisted, unbelievable tale of love. The fleeting romances are alluring, the easy music and deep lyrics are more than comforting, but in between the fog and rains of Ooty, you know there is something amiss in Andala Rakshasi's silences.

    Set during the years 1991 and 1992, the story revolves around Surya (Naveen), Gowtham (Rahul Ravindran) and Midhuna (Lavanya). Their love triangle zig-zags through a narrative that unfolds a multitude of characters and twists. Gowtham falls in love with Midhuna the minute he sees her, because of the childlike quality she exudes. Midhuna however falls in love with Surya, after much persuasion and chasing by the artist and part-time goon. Later she meets with a near-fatal accident giving Gowtham an opportunity to show his love. He takes care of her and wants to marry her. Absent for most part of the film, Surya is assumed to be dead. It is later revealed through Surya's flashback that Midhuna's father had persuaded him to leave her, on Gowtham's father's request, who promises to give her the best possible health care. The film ends in mess, without a reasonable explanation.

    Newcomers Naveen, Rahul and Lavanya impress. Hanu Raghavapudi's direction is excellent too. But for the editing, the film is fresh even at the risk of being gloomy.

    Cinematic brilliance flash through in between. Like the scene between Midhuna and a blind couple, where she asks him if love can be quantified. The blind man simply says, "if it's love, it's beyond the power of vision" as he reaches out to hold his wife's hand and against the warm glow of the street lights, two hands search for one another. This scene alone redeems the entire film with its summary of love.

    Love, perhaps loses its charm without conflict and crises. Andala Rakshasi seeks to track the cycle of falling in love, waiting for love, heartbreak and healing in the form of forgetting. We are so used to seeing love sunny side up that sometimes we forget the torment it causes to those involved. While love can cause your heart to flutter and feel weightless, it can also stab and make your heart pine and yearn. These essential elements of love are all explored in the film, perhaps at the risk of intellectualizing a tad too much and alienating the audience. If you're a romantic and believe in the grand idea of love, it might do you some good to watch this film.

  4. This is one of the worst movies I have seen.

    The movie is technically very good.

    But story wise,presentation wise and climax wise it is a disaster.

    Why this is a worst movie? Because at the end of the movie you will stand hurt and remain as someone sucked energy out of you and feel like totally hopeless.

    I really like to slap the director across his face for having made a film with such a stupidest story line and climax. Undoubtedly, the director has not compromised with the story line and climax and made the film for his own gratification – sadistic enjoyment.

    The story is neither cinematic nor realistic. All the three lead characters have qualities contrasting to the way they are presented. The way director portrayed their characters in the movie and the qualities and hobbies they have are completely in non-sync i.e the director failed to properly portray their characters in the movie.

    I recommend not to see such a movie that makes fool out of the viewers. In the end viewers will feel like deceived.

    This is not a romantic movie. Considering the climax and the foggy sequences and scenes, I could say this would be a good movie if it was categorized under genre of horror.

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