DVD Anuk 2: The Fire Mountain

DVD Anuk 2: The Fire Mountain
DVD Anuk 2: The Fire Mountain

Run time: 81 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Fantasy
Director: Luke Gasser
Writers: Luke Gasser
Stars: Luke Gasser, Doro Pesch
150 generations ago: for a 100 years the great Pyramids in Egypt are built and in England the erection of Stonehenge, the circular stone construct, is about to be completed. At the same time a lone warrior drifts through the mountains searching for the fast animals, on which his ancestors once came. Anuk the son of Pe-Kai and last of the Naluk and Meha, the daughter of Moem of the tribe of Efri, and her brother Maha Lu conquered the mighty enemy. This is happened 3 summers ago, but then the mountain area trembled. Not only the white skulls, that suddenly appear and hunt the people, to eat their flesh, threaten the people of the mountain area. The mountains are raising themselves. The mountain spirits don’t accept the people on their land anymore. Anuk II “The Fire Mountain” isn’t only a Sequel of the first part, but more so a story of its own. Made mysterious, archaic, hypnotic, the bronze era road movie, is conforming this time. Independently the movie moves between epos and dogma, … Written by Luke Gasser
Country: Switzerland
Release Date: 10 July 2014 (Switzerland)
Box Office
Budget: CHF 80,000 (estimated)

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