DVD Arike: So Close

DVD Arike: So Close
DVD Arike: So Close

Rating: 7.0
Genres: Romance
Director: Shyamaprasad
Writers: Sunil Gangopadhyay, Shyamaprasad
Stars: Dilip, Mamta Mohandas, Samvrutha Sunil
The film tells the story of Shantanu (Dileep), a researcher in Linguistics, and his two friends, Kalpana (Samvritha) and Anuradha (Mamta). Anuradha is the sensitive type who has gone through certain bitter experiences in her teenage, where her cousin approached her with love, which she later realized that it was just his lust for her. Kalpana is slightly capricious and loves being in love. Anuradha wants to play Cupid and bring Shantanu and Kalpana together; she knows that they care a lot for each other, but for some reason or the other are hesitant to take the next step. Kalpana’s parents are against her marrying Santanu and they try to bring proposals from their own (Brahmin) community. At one point Kalpana’s aunt tricks her into meeting a guy, Sanjay, who they hope Kalpana will like and get married to. While they travel with Sanjay in his car, they meet with an accident, which causes some scars on Kalpana’s face and gave her a disfigured toe. After the accident Kalpana backs out … Written by SidharthSkumar
Country: India
Release Date: 18 May 2012 (India)
Box Office
Budget: INR 50,000,000 (estimated)


  1. All have acted well in this amazing piece of romantic drama. Realism is defined, love is defined, the characters are defined – absolute!

    It is not the usual drama wherein boy meets girl, they quarrel and make love and blah blah. It gives a moral. A moral of true love.

    It is a 21st century love story where you realize that true love is not only hard to find but hard to realize. And not everything goes by the wish of the viewer. The plot is independent and magnifies the theme which it intends to practice. No bull, no crappy scenes, no vulgar slangs, just pure cinema, this one!

    And the movie doesn't strive hard to please the audience. It has GOT the charm to do it! Mind-blowing & Bold!

    Watch it for Samvritha & Mamatha! A must watch!

  2. Shyama Prasad is one of the best young generation directors in Malayalam cinema

    Arike is a film that dwells on love and friendship.Its a gently paced movie,but very realistic one. Dileep (shanthanu),the protagonist is in love with Samvrutha (Kalpana),but has some doubts whether she has the same intensity in the affair. Kalpana's friend, Mamtha Mohandas (Anuradha) is a messenger or mediator in their relationship and thinks Shanthanu and Kalpana are the final lovers in the world. How Anuradha regains the faith in the existence of love is the central theme of the movie. The dialogues are penned the same way most lovers speak in this part of the world,and i have not seen such an attempt before.

    I recommend it for those who don't want the movie to be an pacey bullet train,but a soulful cycle ride.

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