DVD As Good as Dead

DVD As Good as Dead
Run time: 100 min
Rating: 5.2
Genres: Crime | Thriller
Director: Jonathan Mossek
Writers: Erez Mossek, Eve Pomerance
Stars: Andie MacDowell, Cary Elwes, Frank Whaley
Seeking revenge for the murder of their religious leader, fundamental loyalists kidnap and torture the man they believe responsible, but the ensuing clash of right vs. left ideologies quickly reveals that they may have the wrong man, which puts them on a path toward a shocking twist. Written by AGAD
Plot Keywords: torture, revenge, murder, death, tied up while barefoot
Country: USA
Release Date: 8 October 2010 (USA)
Box Office
Opening Weekend: $1,494 (USA) (8 October 2010)
Gross: $1,494 (USA) (8 October 2010)


  1. This film keeps you guessing from the start. It never dwells too long on any point, so it never gets dull or tedious.

    In general terms, it's a murder mystery in reverse that's a combination of horror and psycho-thriller.

    In terms of acting and direction, nothing seems artificial or forced as tends to be the case whenever a little girl and a dog are involved. The director does an excellent job of blending the cute, mass appeal elements with the rest of the film so nothing becomes overly cutesy or fake.

    Possibly the best part is that all the twists, even those that don't seem to make sense, end up making sense, including the title. It's a rare film that would work very well as a book.

  2. what it seems type of movies. I thought this movie was pretty good. It had suspense, torture, and of course a twist. It's about a woman, Helen, whose religious leader husband was killed years earlier. She has hired a sort of mercenary to track down those involved with the murder and her being set on fire. The mercenary believes he has found one of those involved, photographer, Ethan. So, he tortures Ethan in trying to get him to confess. All the while, Helen and her son whom survived the attack watch. Ethan professes his innocence and says he has proof. But, the question is will Helen or the mercenary believe him? Ethan's wife and daughter also become involved.

    FINAL VERDICT: Suspenseful and twisted. Worth a viewing.

  3. I recommend this film highly, not sure why all the hate. There are good performances and it touches on something which exists in our society today, whether people choose to see the reality or not.

    Cary Elwes is a photojournalist who lives in NYC and is on the verge of being evicted. He lives with a daughter and is estranged from his wife. The film starts as he drops his daughter off to be with her mother. He has a golden retriever named "Mao".

    We see flashbacks of an earlier pivotal incident which involves Brian Cox (always excellent, look for him in "Manhunter" and "The Minus Man" with Mercedes Ruehl and Owen Wilson as a serial killer).

    Cox is an evangelical preacher, preaching hate, and that change in America can start with "just one match" and other such comments, along the lines of David Duke. His wife is Andie McDowell, and she has a son who we now see in NYC is 18 years old. He and his mother survived the attack but "an eye for eye" dictates they must now avenge the violence, and death of their religious leader.

    I will not divulge the outcome but the theme here is interesting. Frank Whaley also belongs to this religious group and in NYC he tells Elwes "I was saved in prison my leader, he was a good man". He is a zealot, but resents anyone in New York who isn't "like him". He berates the local the news stand owner, "this city is "filled with foreigners" he remarks ignorantly.

    McDowell is surprisingly good here, a southern woman with values about to be toppled, she has survived the horror of third degree burns over most of her body.

    The director and writer have ventured into territory which is real here. Preaching hatred and violence leads to nothing, but death. Whether you are in New York City or Alabama.9/10.

  4. I'm upset at how this wasn't released in theatres. It's probably because it didn't have a big-name cast. I'm also daunted by the fact that it isn't known at all, judging by the IMDb ratings.

    I found the film quite thought-provoking, gripping and tense. It was one the better thrillers I've seen in the recent years.

    The cast was amazing, Frank Whaley played a good (anti) villain, which was unexpected for me, as he is doesn't look "villainy". For a straight to DVD film, the cinematography and the direction were high grade. I really loved the music in this the most, as it was very suspenseful and heart-pumping. I full on expected an indie/minimalist score, but it was the opposite: high octane Hollywood music that will keep your adrenaline rushing.

    The film, if you didn't know, has a twist ending, but I'm sure many smart people will predict it. But I loved it, as it gave this film more depth and shock value.

    If you want to watch a little thriller with suspense throughout, this will be a good one. I'm glad I found this film. It's a very underrated and a quite overlooked one.

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