DVD Av mevsimi

DVD Av mevsimi

Run time: 140 min
Rating: 7.4
Genres: Crime | Drama | Mystery
Director: Yavuz Turgul
Writers: Yavuz Turgul
Stars: Sener Sen, Cem Yilmaz, ร‡etin Tekindor
The lives of three homicide detectives are turned upside-down during a murder investigation.
Plot Keywords: investigation, murder, nightclub, crazy policeman, mother son relationship
Country: Turkey
Release Date: 3 December 2010 (Turkey)
Box Office
Budget: $4,000,000 (estimated)


  1. As a writer and directer of many fine films, Yavuz Turgul should be quite happy with the results of Av Mevsimi. I don't speak much Turkish at all, but the film was easily understood since I'm a big fan of crime dramas and mysteries. This film does not disappoint.

    Cem Yilmaz was outstanding as he stepped into a more serious role which is quite rare. I beg to see him in more roles of this nature in the future. His talent exceeds even those of his US counterparts. Sener Sen is quite the actor as usual. It's always an honor to see him perform. A new face adding balance to the storyline was Okan Yalabik. Never to be considered a 'bumbling rookie', he merely provided an atypical side to the feature portraying a rookie struggling to find his niche in life.

    Outstanding film with much applause. My thanks goes out to my dear wife for taking me out for a day at the movies.

  2. Well, let me be brief. There are downsides but the overall movie is quite good. Especially the beginning was very well done. The acting was pretty good but the story was not as strong as it could be. At the middle of the movie, the reason of the murder was so clear that I must say it ruined the rest of the movie. They could add a twist at the end but they follow a straightforward story line and the movie ends exactly where you would expect. Apart from this, the movie fulfills the expectations. The soundtracks are quite nice, the cinematography is stunning, the atmosphere is given very well and the character development phase is pretty good. If you are bored of crappy Hollywood movies, this one is a quite nice alternative.

  3. Yavuz Turgul (the director) and Sener Sen (Ferman) are together again. When Yavuz Turgul literally enliven the Turkish Cinema with the movie Eskiya (The Bandit) in 1996, Sener Sen had proved how high caliber actor he is. Now, maybe due to too much expectation, we're a little bit put off by the flaws in the story line but still enjoyed the movie.

    If you asked me what saved the movie I would easily say that acting of Sener Sen and Cetin Tekindor (Battal). Speaking of acting, Cem Yımaz kind of pulled the role and doesn't look odd or incapable but he still has some work to do on this.

    The weakest point with the movie is the story itself unfortunately. Yavuz Turgul being both the writer and the director, obviously wanted to make an emotional movie (which always works with Turkish audience) but tried to wrap it with police flick clichés. I don't know if he sees that as his own way of directing; but after 14 years since Eskiya, we see same weak action scenes in Av Mevsimi. And there we can count many scenes that don't fit the bill; like the party scene where Cem Yilmaz signs or agony of the apprentice (played by Okan Yalabik) after each body they confront.

    But as I said when you are watching a murder and "who is the murderer" movie,you always questioning the plot naturally. While watching Av Mevsimi we had plenty of "why" and "how"s as well as "hey give me a break!" moments. Battal's fake marriage seems unnecessary and why "he cuts the girl into pieces and then drops one hand on his way" is an unsolved mystery… By the way this cut-off hand almost put into the camera the very beginning of the movie and it looked so fake that rise eye brows of some skeptic movie goers.

    So, Yavuz Turgul came up with a hard to buy story but has chosen the very best of the cast and high grade cam-work resulted an OK movie.

    Maybe I'm being a bit stingy with 6 points with the movie, but let's say this is a well deserved 6 than easy got 7.

  4. First of all, any person would rate or comment on this movie should understand that Hunting Season is not a $100+ million budget movie, or even $10 million! These men had only $4 million to spend on every single detail. Even so, regardless its tiny budget comparing to many Hollywood movie, this one is much more better than numerous Hollywood made. Brilliant director Yavuz Turgul's Hunting Season is really a great alternative for those people looking for something different. Also, this movie puts best Turkish actors all together. If Sener Sen, Cem Yilmaz and even Cetin Tekindor were born in the US, they would be world famous actors, and no doubt Sener Sen would be awarded Best Actor Oscar more than once…

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