DVD Bajatey Raho

DVD Bajatey Raho
DVD Bajatey Raho

Run time: 107 min
Rating: 5.2
Genres: Comedy | Drama | Thriller
Director: Shashant Shah
Writers: Zafar Khan, Akshay Verma
Stars: Tusshar Kapoor, Vinay Pathak, Ranvir Shorey
Sabbarwahl is THE bad guy. He is evil, cunning and the biggest Con, all in the garb of a successful business entrepreneur. He frames Baweja – the honest man with principles in a bank fraud that costs Baweja his life, gets his assistant Saima behind bars and his family is left to face the music. Sabbarwahl himself is unscathed, scot free and goes on to commit one fraud after another and continues to live his high end debauched lifestyle. The VICTIMS: Mrs. Baweja. Sukhi (Baweja’s son). Mintoo Hasan (Saima’s husband). And Ballu (Sukhi’s best Pal). The poor sods! The victims on the other hand are scraping by some scrawny jobs, surviving on meager monies and feeble hope. However they stick together whilst stringing random cons every now and then. Until you realize that all these random cons by the victims are not random at all. Written by Eros International
Country: India
Release Date: 26 July 2013 (UK)


  1. i loved the movie. i don't go with the ratings given by people.the movie is a soft hearten

    comedy along with few ups and downs of life. that's what we expect from,this kind of a entertainer.


    and yes as per the requirements of the IMDb website i have to fill at least ten lines to compile the standards.

    and i don't know what to say more. but yes the role play by the actors is really good enough to be watched.

    specially the role played by Mr. Ravi kishan was great.

  2. When you have ensembled cast of Dolly Ahluwalia , Ranvir Shorey and Vinay Pathak , your joy will know no bound and the excitement will double. Unfortunately , Bajatey Raho comes as a plain simple decent revenge heist which could be watched only once for its strong storyline and decent performances.

    In order to repay 15 cr to the debtors , group of cons goes one step further to con a powerful business man to avenge their family's misfortune.

    From the director of Dasvidaniya and Challo Dilli , Shashant Shah chooses a rare subject which has universal appeal but average direction and below par performance takes the film to no where. The screenplay and story will hold your attention nevertheless. Few scenes will tickle your funny bones but the rest of the film is lame. Songs are terrible and inclusion of the songs in the film just makes it worst. Dolly Ahluwali and Ravi Kishan are the soul of the movie. Tushar Kapoor as usual is wooden. Surprisingly , much was expected from Vinay Pathak and Ranvir Shorey but both of them gave an average performances.

    Bajatey Raho had potential to become non-stop comic caper but weak direction drags down the film to a decent watch . Average 2.5/5

  3. Shashant A Shah's 'Bajatey Raho' is a passable revenge-comedy, that has its share of moments. Even the performances, are noteworthy!

    'Bajatey Raho' Synopsis: Surviving family members and friends of a man who was conned by the cunning businessman Sabbarwahl string together a series of their own cons in an attempt to bring him down.

    'Bajatey Raho' has a slow-paced first-hour, but an entertaining second. The characters are decently written & the sequences, some of them, are worth appreciating. Zafar A Khan's Screenplay begins on a slow-note, but gathers momentum in the latter-hour. Shashant A Shah's Direction is ordinary. Cinematography, Editing & Costume Design, are alright.

    Performance-Wise: Ravi Kishan is in terrific form. He plays the cunning businessman with energy & conviction. Dolly Ahluwalia is natural to the core. Ranvir Shorey & Vinay Pathak are effortless, as always. Tusshar does not deliver this time. Vishakha Singh looks charming & delivers a truly commendable performance. Brijendra Kala is very sincere.

    On the whole, 'Bajatey Raho' offers fair entertainment.

  4. A highly entertaining punjabi tadka type of comedy, with a hint of thrill. Acting wise Ranvir Shorey and Brijinder Kala standout whenever both are on screen its a laugh riot. Tusshar Kapoor, Dolly Ahluwali, and Ravi Kissen excel also. Vinay Pathak, and Vikeshaka Singh give good support also. Dir Sushant Singh gives a hat trick of good films, after dasvidaniya and challo dilli, Bajatey Raho also impress, hats off!!! The films story is about a mother son and his two friends conning corrupt people to pay off there debt. Overall if you want to be entertained for 2 hrs, if you want watch a good comedy, with good acting, good music and a hint of thrill Bajaety Raho is a safe bet.

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