DVD Behind Closed Doors

DVD Behind Closed Doors
DVD Behind Closed Doors
Run time: 105 min
Rating: 5.3
Genres: Drama
Director: Jarrell Crump
Writers: Alyze Elyse
Stars: Leonardo Black, June Buckner, Poetess Hunni Bunn
In this suspense drama, living on the edge seems to be the only way out. With smiles on their faces, many tend to hide the truth. But by the actions of these characters, their motives suddenly brings about a fate that is unpredictable. In the end, only the truth will reveal what is destined to be. Written by Anonymous
Country: USA
Release Date: 9 August 2013 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $800,000 (estimated)


  1. What is this movie about? Basically it's about money and relationship problems from the perspective of different couples. Their nexus is a psychiatrist (who is the center of the movie as well) who tries to help them work out their issues. This movie is a comedy-drama (which I did not expect). Heavier on the comedy, for the most part, but gets deadly serious near the end. The comedy comes from bickering couples and people quarreling with each other (Oh, the things they say!). I found out that no one knows how to tell your ass off like a black woman. It's almost poetic the way they put your ass in your place with that little neck action of theirs. I was impressed. After they're done with that strong, smart, sharp tongue of theirs, you can consider yourself cut, sliced, crushed, and discarded.

    The story is multi-threaded as you follow different couples and individuals. For sample: With one couple, the man is an ex-con, addicted to gambling and can't find a job because of his felony charge (His situation provided some of the more serious turns of this movie). With another couple the woman is a religious nut and the man is complaining about sex. With another, the woman get's fired from her job and her insensitive, jobless boyfriend is on her case. Their back-and-forth is funny and I had to laugh out loud when they went to see the psychiatrist.

    Most people enjoy a good laugh and I'm no exception. That said, it is my usual practice to stay away from anything billed as a comedy (except for animated movies). Personally I find that real-life comedies tend to not be that funny unless they get a really high rating (rare) and would tempt me to take a look. For me, whenever they have a middling score they are usually a disappointment. I'm talking about 5, 6, and even 7 stars. I do not trust these ratings but would see a "serious" movie with these same ratings as well as any kind of animation. I think comedy is harder to do than drama; easier, I think, to do or say something serious than something funny. This is why it's harder (for me anyway) to find a comedy that will really entertain me than any other genre. I feel I lucked out here and I think you will feel so too though I understand that "funny" can be very subjective. Love, Boloxxxi.

  2. This movie deals with several couples and people who deal with economic, social, religious problems. You have your super religious wife who is so Godly that she has no time for her husband. The husband loves his wife while he battles with temptation. You have you former criminal who battles within himself between getting back in the game and going legit. He must deal with the consequence of having a criminal record-which makes employment a challenge. It points out how unfair the judicial system is which penalizes a person after paying his debt to society. What do you do to take care of your family.

    The doctor giving the advise to the characters must deal with his own demons in his wife. While a bank loan officer passes judgment on loan applicants based on what she thinks is best.

    I really liked the actors because they were not "A" List Hollywood names. They looked like people that we may have met. The mother playing cards in the kitchen brought back some personal memories. The tight screen shots allow the viewer to focus on the main characters.

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