DVD Beli lavovi

DVD Beli lavovi
DVD Beli lavovi

Rating: 4.0
Genres: Comedy
Director: Lazar Ristovski
Writers: Lazar Ristovski
Stars: Lazar Ristovski, Gordan Kicic, Hristina Popovic
Plot Keywords: social inequality, rebellion, class struggle, strike, lion
Country: Serbia
Release Date: 27 April 2011 (Serbia)


  1. This is the worst film ever made in the territory of Serbia, Lazar Ristovski raps and spent state money to film this rubbish, this film is poor, and that scenario does not exist, jokes are miserable, worse actors than ever now, except for individuals who would not mention, damn was the day I went to watch this garbage that some call the best achievement Lazar Ristovski, Vuk Kostic is the worst actor ever to him every other word in the film is …. brother, I do not know how to describe the failure of a different movie. Ristovski was even brought Chuck Dee that he evaluates his crappy rap.Film no action is unfortunate and by the way save the money.

  2. WHITE LIONS is an artistic and daring film. Lazar Ristovski is a legendary Serbian actor, who played in Emir Kusturica's cult film- Underground- and has already proved himself as a Director with the film The White Suit, which was at the Cannes festival in 1999. With WHITE LIONS, he confirms his specific artistic path through the character of Dile, which he interprets. Dile fights against the rich and big world on the small and poor people side. He is a version of Robin Hood or Che Guevara. In any case, his hero calls for a revolution and general strike in which it will be involved working labor of the world. This naive in WHITE LIONS gives Ristovski the right to play and to be ironic as well as to make one free polygon of free and heretical point of view. Pleiades of great actors has made great roles. Hristina Popovic great, Vuk Kostic and Gordan Kicic too. BRAVO for Ristovski and a brilliant rap song that he sings in the film!!!!

  3. WHITE LIONS is a metaphor for people who fight for their place in the sun, just as white lions (rare animals) fight for their survival in nature. Film WHITE LIONS by Lazar Ristovski, the great Serbian and international actor is a true refreshment at the film sky because its full of director's free language and excellent acting, first when it comes to Ristovski, and then to other actors. Prediction of the future of civilization in its struggle for wealth , slowly becomes our immediate future. This is a true anti-state film, but also anti-globalization film about anarchy, told through comedy, which is, in a certain way, a feature of Serbian cinematography.

    Bravo Mr. Ristovski!!!!!!!!!!

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