DVD Besharam

DVD Besharam

Run time: 143 min
Rating: 3.8
Genres: Comedy | Romance
Director: Abhinav Kashyap
Writers: Rajeev Barnwal, Abhinav Kashyap
Stars: Ranbir Kapoor, Pallavi Sharda, Rishi Kapoor
Babli (Ranbir Kapoor) is a street smart car mechanic living in a Delhi orphanage. He is charming and lives life to the fullest. He also steals cars to support his orphanage. He has no sense of right or wrong till he unwittingly hurts the love of his life, Tara (Pallavi Sharda) and is chased by cop couple Chulbul Chautala (Rishi Kapoor) and Bulbul Chautala (Neetu Kapoor). Babli realizes that there is no right way of doing the wrong thing. Babli sets out to fix all the wrongs in his life and he continues to be shameless about it. Written by Reliance Entertainment
Plot Keywords: box office flop, police inspector, gangster, stolen car
Country: India
Release Date: 2 October 2013 (UK)
Box Office
Opening Weekend: $389,000 (USA) (4 October 2013)
Gross: $504,000 (USA) (4 October 2013)


  1. I walked into the theatre, expecting to watch a bad film, and still walked out feeling baffled, because the film was way worse than what I had anticipated. I'm just disappointed for wasting my money on this. But I've myself to blame to be honest. The promos were really bad, and the songs were lifeless. The off-screen drama surrounding this film didn't do any good either – and just put me off completely. However, being a huge Ranbir fan, I did hope to at least have fun in the cinema. This could just have been one of those so-bad-that-it's-good films. Alas, no. It's plain bad.

    To give credit where it's due, the first half of the film was bearable. It had some funny scenes…. but post interval, the film completely crashes. By the climax, I could have pulled my hair out or poked my eyes with my straw. That would have been more entertaining than the on-screen mess.

    Sure people will argue that this is a masala film, and you got to leave your brains behind, etc – and mind you, I've nothing against those potboilers, and I sure know how to enjoy a good masala film. But this was just one big bad, repulsive film. The makers didn't get anything right – which is shocking considering they had a unique cast to work with, and the director's claim to fame is the cult classic – Dabangg. Right from the concept, to the execution, to the humour, to the performances, to the music and to the graph of the film. It was shamelessly poorly executed. And really, what will work against this film is that you do not expect 3such a trash-fest from someone like Ranbir Kapoor.

    Abhinav Kashyap might have a hard time finding producers for his next film – unless of course his brother steps in. It looks like his arrogance took away the talent that he promised with his debut film. The writing and direction left a lot to be desired. And the screenplay goes completely haywire. The love angle especially is completely forced, random and brings the film down. Music by Lalit Pandit is shockingly poor. Can you believe this guy helped deliver gems like KKHH or DDLJ? There are too many songs, which sound awful, and act as complete speed- breakers – in a otherwise route-less film. Their picturisations leave no impact whatsoever, expect that the choreography is well weird. I'm guessing Remo was in-charge because I could spot him in the first song, but the steps were a bit crude and too rhythmic. Ranbir danced good though.

    If the film was a letdown, the performances were worst. Ranbir Kapoor is a great actor. Period. And I love the fact that he's constantly trying something new. He's versatile. For sure. But picking a different role is not where the story ends. You need to be able to bring it to life, to make the audience believe its you, to pull off the role and deliver a good performance. As Babli, Ranbir leaves all the boxes unchecked. First off, he's just not Babli – and throughout the film, it becomes more and more obvious that he's trying too hard. He struggles to act, and this is the first time I've hated watching him on-screen. I wonder what made him take such a repulsive character, and not add any endearing quality to it? Not even in his performance? And his ''I'm-an-orphan-so-I-can- steal'' act was anything but heartwarming. Giving himself a disgusting look, unfortunately doesn't help make his act convincing. He's over the top and completely hams his way through the film.

    Neetu Singh – probably one of the most elegant leading actresses – gives her son some good competition, although she does have a funny role until the cliché part leading to her 'character-growth'. Bad performance. Javed Jaffery is completely wasted and adds nothing to the film, while the leading actress – Pallavi – has nothing going in her favour. She shares no chemistry with Ranbir, is no great-looker, and completely messes up her romantic/emotional scenes.

    Rishi Kapoor, for me, was somewhat the 'best' performer. It was however painful to watch him completely ridicule himself in the first ''potty''scene. Did he really have to do this?! Toiler humour & I don't gel well, so this one was repulsive scene for me. That aside, he was cute and acted well, as expected.

    Ranbir & Pallavi made the most awkward on-screen couple I've seen in a while. They both looked disinterested in each other. The camaraderie/chemistry between the three Kapoors left a lot to be desired. It pains me that THIS is the film they chose to come together? It's just not going to work in their favour. Whatever happened to Rishi & Neetu rejecting countless of scripts because they weren't ''good enough''.

    The ''jokes'' didn't really work. I chuckled a few times, but the humour was too much ''in you face''. And way too crude for my liking. :shrug: Ranbir's butt-crack, getting-hard jokes, constant humping in songs,… it was all way too much to digest.

    At the box office, this film is going to prove a disappointment. I'm expecting a big opening, but with the kind of negativity the film has amassed even before the release, along with the atrocious reviews, and I'm predicting poor word-of-mouth, film will shamelessly be out of most theatres soon and fail to leave a mark.

    Speaking of which, if anything, Besharam will leave a daag on Ranbir's career. He might just hit the jackpot with this one – worst film, worst performance and biggest disappointment in his career.


  2. movie doesn't deserve more than 2/10 , 1 for Ranbir Kapoor and other 1 for the producer who was confident about this movie, the movie starts as typical bollywood movie, with a song, the first half of the movie is watchable and the second half , i recommend you to get out the theater cause it's a complete disaster. reasons why you should watch this movie: 1. you have nothing else to do, even watching a insect is much entertaining than watching this movie. 2. if you hold grudge on someone take him/her and make him/her watch it. 3. watch if you want to have thrill in your life, i will pray that you survive this disaster. Finally Watch at your own risk.

  3. Besharam- the first time i ever walked out of a movie. It was so bad that even i didn't laugh at the 'jokes'. A song at a colorful Mela. Gosh, are we in the 80s?

    Were Abhinav Kashyap and Rajeev Barnwal high when they made the film? Nevertheless, Ranbir Kapoor must be really besharam to have signed for such a film.

    Actually, screw Ranbir. I feel really besharam to have wasted 95 minutes of my precious IB life watching such a movie.

    P.s. A moment of silence for all those who already watched the movie or still plan to do so

  4. Imagine a day so bad that you'd want to delete it from your memory. A day where nothing went your way and only got worse as the day progressed. A day where you thought you'd hit rock bottom and things could not get any worse… that would be a good day to go watch this movie, cause its then you'd realize how quickly things can get even worse !!! This movie left me with a headache and a sense of bewilderment as to why an actor like Ranbir Kapoor would even consider a movie like this, let alone going through with it. The movie should come with a warning "watch at your own risk" .. so people please please do not go spending your money or bandwidth to watch this movie … and if you still do please keep some aspirin handy !!

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