DVD Big Boy

DVD Big Boy
DVD Big Boy

Run time: 89 min
Rating: 4.9
Genres: Drama
Director: Shireen Seno
Writers: Shireen Seno
Stars: Ian Lomongo, Pamela Miras, John Lloyd Evangelista
BIG BOY is a coming-of-age tale about a boy and his family in 1950s Mindoro, Philippines, and how he is groomed into becoming the poster boy for his parent’s home-based business. The film is an experimental portrait of a family amidst change — an experience that will engage audiences in something strange but familiar. Written by Anonymous
Country: Philippines
Release Date: June 2013 (Peru)

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  1. A terrible 'film'.

    Watched this one on IFFR (Rotterdam Filmfestival), but unfortunately it was a waste of time!

    Poor video quality (mostly blurred), poor (and sometimes even missing) audio, very poor editing and a lousy story. It was like watching an old family movie together with your grand-parents, only without the nice personal stories of back then. Very boring and terribly bad quality. This shouldn't be playing on a festival like this!

    I can imagine that some people like this film exactly because of these (poor) aspects and say that it is 'ingenious art' or some kind of purity/authenticity. But I personally think Big Boy is just a shame for all film producers and editors.

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