DVD Big Fat Gypsy Gangster

DVD Big Fat Gypsy Gangster
DVD Big Fat Gypsy Gangster
Run time: 91 min
Rating: 3.5
Genres: Comedy | Crime
Director: Ricky Grover
Writers: Maria Grover, Ricky Grover
Stars: Ricky Grover, Maxwell Laird, Eddie Webber
After sixteen years at Her Majesty’s Pleasure, Britain’s hardest man is released from prison, and into the care of a documentary film crew headed by a Brit-loving American film-maker who follow him for the next week, on an hilarious roller-coaster tour of gangland London and beyond. Written by Raw Productions London
Plot Keywords: british, gangster, dwarf, criminal, release from prison
Country: UK
Release Date: 14 September 2011 (UK)
Box Office
Budget: £1,300,000 (estimated)


  1. I gave up on this after half an hour, no jokes at all, a complete waste of time. A bit like watching some mates doing a home video version of Eastenders only worse. I can't believe anyone would release this. Lots of 10/10 reviews here that must be fake. Ricky Grover cannot act to save his life. This film is so bad I'm compelled to warn people to avoid it. Big Fat piece of turd would be a better title. It stinks. Watch the fast show mock up cockney barrel of monkeys if you want some cockney gangster comedy. Why do you have to write 10 lines to review this when one word will do fine. For gods sake just let me submit the bloody review.

  2. The only people to find this funny must be ten year olds on crack cocaine. Seriously, this film just isn't funny in any way shape or form. I was hoping for a snatch type film, all I got was tripe with a load of amateurs running about like headless chickens. The plot was non existent, the acting was terrible, proof of why some of the actors can only get work on Eastenders.

    This film was a waste of electricity, time and effort, I'd rather stick needles under my finger nails than watch this film for more than ten minutes. Believe me, it gets no better after 10 minutes or an hour! The best bit of the film was when I switched it off! I really wanted this British film to be of a high standard, it wasn't, far, far from it.

  3. Bulla is labelled 'the most dangerous man in Britain'. After serving sixteen years at her majesty's pleasure Bulla is out on the streets again, but things start to go wrong from the moment he steps out when he finds out he's lost everything on the outside world.

    Fleeced by the same corrupt copper that put him behind bars, even his favourite 'Aunt Queenie' is about to lose the roof from over her head; in Bulla's world family is everything.

    It's time for Bulla to fight back Get ready for a white knuckle ride into London's underworld as the most dangerous man in Britain sets about reclaiming his crime empire….

    An awful movie, featuring a cast of talented people, who just look like they have had a favour called in by Grover and look highly, highly embarrassed.

    Grover thinks he is making a Guy Ritchie movie crossed with Bronson. The truth is, dire film like this were being made in the late nineties, when we had drivel like Hard Men, and love, honour and obey.

    The film is virtually unwatchable, and the only reason to see this, is to look at all the talent he has here, and how mortified they look.

    As bad as the title suggests.

  4. I can't really fully express just how bad this movie is! What were they thinking of when they made it? It was a sad day for British comedy when this pile was released. There is no real thread to the storyline, other than it follows a random pattern of events and is presented in a stereotype, mocumentary fashion that has really been done to death, and to greater effect.

    Many of the subject themes are not only offencive, and I don't mean offencive in a shock comedy 'ok it's offencive but it's funny' way…I mean just plain offencive!

    Sorry to be negative, but there really is not one good thing I can think of to say about this film……apart from that it does eventually end.

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