DVD Blood of Ohma

DVD Blood of Ohma
DVD Blood of Ohma

Rating: 3.3
Genres: Drama
Director: Paul Gorman
Writers: Mark Audess, Mark Cray
Stars: Christian Lestat Bussiere, Mark Cray, Nathan Gorman
Stories about him have been told around campfires for years. But for Jody, the legend of Bigfoot is all too real. She’s spent most of her life hunting down the monster that killed her family and now she’s about to have her life turned upside down by the legend again. Written by Paul Gorman
Plot Keywords: legend, bigfoot, murder
Country: USA
Release Date: 5 November 2011 (USA)


  1. I had a look at this in 3-D and must confess that there are not enough D's in the world to save this puppy. A little girl who lost her whole family to an attack by Bigfoot during a camping trip grows up haunted by nightmares and determined to exact revenge against the creature. With the help of a sympathetic veterinarian she returns to the scene of the crime to investigate with catastrophic results. The acting is uniformly bad, all the characters are unappealing, the direction is non-existent and the photography is poor. Even the 3-D is so exaggerated that it makes you cockeyed. I usually admire any independent group who has the drive and ambition to get a movie produced and released but these folks really need to hang onto their day jobs!

  2. This was a pretty good film shot on a shoe string budget, if you look past the poor lighting and image grade, it is a fairly decent film. Lots of the image grade problems could have been solved by using Close Ups opposed to Mid Frame shots. I give kudos to the practical effects department for working within their means.

    The film itself gives an alternative and original story to the legend of Big Foot. Furthermore if the species does in fact exist; it gives a plausible storyline to why it has been so elusive to mankind. The acting was good with the principle characters, however it was kind of shaky with the family at the beginning of the film.

    Angelina Leigh steals the show with her character ANNA FARMER, her character is the most believable as a simple country girl. She hits her marks, delivers her dialogue without hesitation, and she has three nude scenes.

    In conclusion this film would be much better with a higher budget to provide better equipment, the plot and storyline are there.

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