DVD Blunt Force

DVD Blunt Force
DVD Blunt Force
Rating: 8.6
Genres: Action
Director: Daniel Zirilli
Writers: Michael Stephen McGuire, Daniel Zirilli
Stars: Selina Lo, James Lew, Saye Yabandeh
BLUNT FORCE follows the downward spiral of war-hero Russell Warrington who is released stateside from Afghanistan after losing his family in a house fire. After being arrested by Police Chief Ballard for a street fight, he is drugged and wrongfully committed to a mental asylum that has a secret – its Warden Aliza Naples conducts evil experiments on the patients and forces some to fight for the profit of her Crazyfights black market website. Russell uses his Military training and Mixed Martial Arts expertise to defend himself as he goes to battle in the “Aquarium”, a padded cell rigged with cameras and one glass wall for the viewing of a blood-thirsty audience. With the help of Dale (a sympathetic Orderly) Russell devises a way to escape and expose the Warden, plus free other innocent patients. Can Dale get Russell’s message out to Russell’s former Military Unit in time? Because at Warden Aliza Naples’ mental asylum, no fighter gets out alive. Written by Michael Stephen McGuire and Daniel Zirilli
Plot Keywords: mixed martial arts, military action
Country: USA
Release Date: 15 July 2014 (USA)

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