DVD Body

DVD Body
DVD Body
Run time: 87 min
Rating: 6.3
Genres: Crime | Drama | Thriller
Director: Matt Williams
Writers: Dan Benamor, Joshua Brewer
Stars: Nicholas Osgood, Ashley Marie Sunderhaus
Jessica Wilson awakes in Room 214 of the Longwood Motel, only to find a dead body in the bathtub, and her clothes covered in blood. Jessica calls her best friend in for help, but how are they going to get the body out?
Country: USA


  1. for what it was made for, it's really great. not only was it low budget, but it was set intirely in one room. the best part is you are ENTERTANED for the whole 90 minutes. how many amateur directors can do that? from what i understand, the kid that made this is only 20. he has a brite future ahead of him.

    the acting wasn't vary good sometimes, and the shaky cam was obnoxious somettimes, but i can see why the director chose to do that. my wife also loved it, we were both hooked for the hole running time.

    i highly recommend this to anyone that likes low budget stuff. a lot of low budget movies go for blood and guts and it just looks ridiclous. this film knows its limits, and makes the story fit within them without looking constrained.

    loved it! Jake

  2. This isn't a bad movie in any respect. i enjoyed this more than transformers. that isn't saying much, but it means that only a couple thousand dollars can often go further than a couple hundred million. sure, it has a few points that aren't perfect, but there are a lot of very, very good moments. in fact there are some scenes that are absolutely wonderful, and the director's ability to keep us entertained in ONE room is quite astounding. the camera movements reminded me of the bourne movies or united 93 because they were very shaky, but i think that added a lot to style of the film. there were some parts that seemed a little awkward, a few poor editing choices, and a couple spots that definitely felt amateur. but the story itself was wonderful, and there's a scene in the middle where everything changes dramatically, and it's handled very well.

    overall, for what was obviously a low budget, amateur actors, one location – this hits it out of the ball park. in fact, i've only seen one other film set ENTIRELY in one room, and that's Tape. 12 Angry Men comes close.

    very good, A- from me… flawed, but i can't wait to see what director matt williams has up next

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