DVD Brainballs

DVD Brainballs
DVD Brainballs

Run time: 41 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy | Horror
Director: William Smith
Stars: Michael McDermott
Brainballs is a sweeping tale that takes a 7 year old boy from obscurity in a small town in Indiana and brings him to world wide fame. On December 1, 2010 the boys nightmares become a massive computer virus that for the duration of his dreams shuts down every major computer system in the world by broadcasting his dreams live. Cell phones, computers and televisions, whether on or off, show these nightmares. From Air traffic control to nuclear installations to the world banking infrastructure, these dreams become a world wide crisis. In a world that would value the ‘Jersey Shore’, it’s not surprising that the boys tormentor in his nightmares becomes a world wide celebrity as well. This film examines fame and it’s cost. Written by Anonymous
Country: USA

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