DVD Bul-eun ba-kang-seu geom-eun we-ding

DVD Bul-eun ba-kang-seu geom-eun we-ding

Run time: 90 min
Rating: 5.1
Genres: Drama
Director: Tai-sik Kim, Cheol-su Park
Writers: Kyungsook Suh
Stars: Seon-mok Jo, Ji-hye Ahn, Jin-joo Lee
Plot Keywords: female nudity, male nudity, male frontal nudity
Country: South Korea
Release Date: 8 December 2011 (South Korea)

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  1. This is a really bad movie that has nothing appealing about it and nothing stands out about it besides the sex scenes. It's basically like watching a soft-core porn that tries hard to integrate a story into it. And the story is just bland. It basically has two stories that come together in a very incoherent manner. One is about a very very submissive husband that gets tortured by his crazy wife for cheating and the girl that he was having an affair with gets involved. That has quite a bit of sex and nudity in it. The second story is about a relationship between a old professor and a girl that is soon to get married. And the old professor and her has a lot of sex for a running time that isn't even an hour long. And it tries to be some sort of independent student film or something with it's black and white cinematography. But it's just bland when it comes to everything else besides the sex scenes. Everyone in this movie is just despicable and not likable and very underdeveloped to the point the audiences will know nothing about them even when the movie is finished. I give it a 2.8 because of few Oh In-Hye scenes although I kinda feel guilty for giving it that score just because of those scenes.


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