DVD Catena

DVD Catena
DVD Catena
Run time: 75 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy | Drama | Thriller
Director: Falko Jakobs, Lars Ostermann
Writers: Falko Jakobs, Lars Ostermann
Stars: Evi Amon, Tali Barde, Angela Fischer
Catena is a trip through five episodes, each one containing another genre. While all episodes build up on each other and lead to a dramatic climax, the separate parts tell stories on their own. The film portrays the principle of causality and shows how just a little decision can change your life forever – or put an end to it. Catena is a tour de force of drama, comedy, horror, thriller and does contain a love story aswell – a bad and gritty one. In the end, Catena is an indie-film which tries to explore new ways of narration and yet it still can grab the audiences attention just like a chilling tension- and humor-filled flick with its wave at mainstream. Written by Anonymous
Country: Germany

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