DVD Cavemen

DVD Cavemen
DVD Cavemen

Run time: 88 min
Rating: 5.2
Genres: Comedy
Director: Herschel Faber
Writers: Herschel Faber
Stars: Alexis Knapp, Chad Michael Murray, Camilla Belle
“Cavemen” is a comedic film with a slight edge of drama revolving around the lives of somewhat single, somewhat unemployed guys living in a warehouse converted to living quarters in the ‘Arts District’ of Downtown Los Angeles, California they are toiling adulthood and realities of love. Written by anonymous
Country: USA
Release Date: 26 October 2013 (USA)


  1. This movie follows the quest of an average guy looking for love. Of course he has a player friend, is in some friendzone dynamic, has a problem having sex with hot women since he wants commitment more than anything. Yeah, he might as well be a girl, except he has that average guy face and romantic attitude for the female audience. It's like a network sitcom, an even dumber version of How I Met Your Mother. The movie is fine in terms of acting and production, and is acceptable for mindless light entertainment, but there was no reason for it to be made. There is no reason for this review either, but the absurd 10/10 reviews needed to be questioned

  2. If I had to watch a super corny 'love conquers all' 'run after the taxi' movie there are some really rich ones in Bollywood collections.They also will have some enjoyable dances, song and music during which you could go out for a break.

    This movie has been made for a very select demographic.I don't know if its high school girls or 'looking for love' adolescents or somebody else. But chances are if you are not a part of that demographic you would end up with a serious head ache.

    Acting is average throughout.Many of us will go to this movie for Camilla Belle.She is not disappointing.I am not a technical expert in movies but I didn't feel any glitch in direction anywhere.Just that this movie was definitely not for me.

  3. The only reason we gave this film a 2 is because we laughed once during the film. This review sucks, but it is still 10x better than the film. This film was a combination of every other stereotypical romantic comedy, filled with clichés and empty/unoriginal characters. There was not one thing in the film that was unpredictable. Please, give me my 85 minutes of time back. I could have been watching 3 episodes of the Walking Dead instead. Yes… the Walking Dead. I don't have anything else to say about this film, however, I am required to provide 10 lines of text for this review. So, I will just say that the only somewhat pleasant thing in this movie, was Chad. Go Chad.

  4. Cavemen. A man sets his sights on just being in love. Tired of the one night stands so he wants to be someones forever. So I have been waiting a real long time to see this and there has only been one review until very recently. Now they are coming in more is broadening the rating. Now its pretty low. Which sucks.

    So I watched the movie last night and I have to say I was disappointed. There is no real need in this movie to be made really. It could of been done so much better which brings me down as I had hopes for this. The way it is shot is strange as the director for some reason over uses the focus on characters all the time and at very stupid bits.

    The soundtrack I thought was very good. Just these days Hollywood seem to think that the use of indie music will provide the audience with a more style to their music when in all fairness its just Hollywood trying to up their views.

    All of the scenes didn't really make sense and it only started making complete sense more than half way through. The actors where all very good there's no shame there. Camille Belle is such a weird casting for this movie as I had no real connections toward here. Even though I did want the obvious to happen. Her and Dean (Skylar Austin) to get together. He was the only one that had me wanting them together.

    When watching this movie and going here. This is not the review that I wanted to do. This movie could of easily been done better and its such a shame that this let me down.

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