DVD Chances

DVD Chances
DVD Chances

Rating: 0.0
Genres: Drama | Fantasy | Mystery
Director: Brian Levant
Writers: Anthony Stitt, Jeff Trently
Imagine you go to bed tonight and whatever you dream comes true the next day. That’s what happens to a little boy named Chance Elliott. He’s 11 years old, a troubled kid — his mom is dead; his family shattered. But Chance has a secret: Whatever he dreams at night becomes reality for 24 hours. It wasn’t always this way. Chance was just a normal small-town kid until the day he stumbled upon a fortune teller with a mysterious power — and a gift for the lonely boy: The Book of Ultimate Power, a book that makes his dreams come true. That’s when Chance’s life changes forever. Written by Jeff Trently and Anthony Stitt
Country: USA

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