DVD Cheery Point

DVD Cheery Point
DVD Cheery Point
Run time: 128 min
Rating: 6.3
Genres: Drama | Sci-Fi
Director: Adam Bailey
Writers: Kenneth Stevenson, Allison Flood
Stars: Tommy Martin, Amy Hunt, Richard Hackel
In a dystopian future where pain and emotion have been suppressed by a government-issued drug called Torpase, Joshua Barrett (Tommy Martin) coasts through the monotony of his repetitive, workaday life. But when he’s kidnapped by a rebellious priest (Richard Hackel), Joshua is exposed to a world beyond Torpase, changing everything he thought he knew about what it means to live. Also starring Louie Lawless, Amy Hunt, and Kyle Dal Santo, “Cheery Point” examines the necessity of pain and despair and “covers a wide range of possibilities that this country, as a whole, could face” (IMDb review). Written by Anonymous
Country: USA
Release Date: 26 March 2013 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $30,000 (estimated)

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  1. The film overall covers a wide range of possibilities that this country as a whole could face. I think it tries to answer an age-old question regarding how fulfilled would our lives be without pain? One can argue the benefit of not having to deal with everyday occurrences which cause people pain, but from the outside looking in, it seems so empty. in the "world" of Cheery Point…people seem content in their simplicity. It almost seems like a Pandora's box being opened when exposed to emotions. Even the lead character seems to regret at times these newfound feelings. The film flows well.When I saw the film the first time, it was hard to determine what parts were "flashbacks" from characters lives, and what was present tense. The second viewing, there were titles showing that they indeed were from the past.In our own reality, it seems very plausible that what takes place in Cheery Point, could in fact happen anywhere in our world. The soundtrack is very fitting for the piece, even though it tends to make the film drag on as a series of music video's, but they are used to show a lot of action and events that help further the story along. The end of the film leaves people puzzled as to the perpetual "what next"? I must encourage any viewer to watch the film past the credits, as there is a scene that ties things all together and clarifies some of the questions that are left at the end of the film. I'm not sure if that would serve it better to be shown before the final credits, as many people leave during the credits and miss this scene. I know there are quite a few films that operate in this fashion, so I suppose to each his own. This film is well worth watching, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to see it twice. The Acting =B The Score= A- Visual aspect= A Well done. Before seeing this film, as yourself one question. Is any pain worth the joy you feel? Take everything to the extreme…life is worth living.

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