DVD Cherries and Clover

DVD Cherries and Clover
DVD Cherries and Clover

Run time: 81 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy | Drama | Romance
Director: Jack Vero
Writers: Jack Vero
Stars: Spencer Jenkins, Taylor Marie Milton, Molly Cera
When Clover’s (Spencer Jenkins) childhood friend, Cherries (Taylor Marie Milton), returns to his hometown after a ten year separation, he finds himself immediately attracted to her outgoing, spontaneous personality. It isn’t long before their rekindled friendship develops into a sweet, quirky romance; but as time passes and passions fade, the couple is forced to question whether best friends can be lovers… Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: friend, best friend, friendship, break up, girl
Country: USA, Canada
Release Date: 2013 (USA)

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  1. Badly written, bad acting, no sense of where the movie was going. I could never get that time back, worst movie I seen in my life. When I seen this movie I knew that I had to get some popcorn but that was a waste of money… It will be a good movie previews and everything was good but one sexy said I washed it I just bar in my lap literally couldn't stand What I was seen. It's an independent movie but sometimes they should stay independent in the person's house with a little bit I know it's cheap movie and low budget, but it sucks. It's like a want to be Juno except it's nothing close to that it's like high school and Emo. I'm just writing this review to let you know you shouldn't waste your time watching this movie and other actors in this movie should've said note to this job because it's such a late movie bed directing back riding red script bad storytelling

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