DVD Chikku Bukku

DVD Chikku Bukku
DVD Chikku Bukku

Rating: 4.4
Genres: Romance
Director: Manikandan
Writers: Manikandan, Sunanda Murali Manohar
Stars: Aarya, Shriya Saran, Preetika Rao
Country: India
Release Date: 3 December 2010 (India)


  1. Legendary cinematographer-cum-director Jeeva's assistant Manikantan who completed the former's last project "Dhaam-dhoom" after his untimely demise has come out with his first full feature "Chikku Bhukku". The movie's basic thread is inspired from "Love Aaj Kal " but the comparison ends there for it is like comparing chalk & cheese.

    "Chikku Bhukku" is viewer's nightmare & it's like the worst punishment one can go through in the name of entertainment. One shudders to think how can one end up watching such a movie in the first place wasting time & money. Moreover what must have been going through the mind of the producers when they convinced in frittering away their ?hard earned money in such an inane project. Manikantan has just squandered his chance big way.

    Movie is very sluggish , amateurish , uninteresting , head-ache inducing , silly , absurd, …..losing at adjectives to describe it. Only solace is the 1985 part of the story even though it is not that novel at least it tries to capture your attention.

    Preetika is not only pretty but "acts" well too & an exact antithesis to what all that of Shriya , who looks jaded , doesn't seem to know anything remotely related to acting .Infact Shriya trying to do a "Bommarillu" Genelia or a "Jab We Met" Kareena irritates the already battered & bruised viewer leaving him/her to squirm in the seat.

    Arya's portrayal of Sekhar is calm & matured while his characterization as Arjun is half baked & his performance too takes a beating due to that.

    Shanthanam is the only reason why one may remain sane while watching the movie & he prevents the viewer from getting into a complete meltdown.

    Music by Colonial Cousins Hari-Leslie is nothing attractive while Gurudhev's cinematography is classy & the color tone he has employed to show variation between the 1980's story & the present day one is good. Technically movie is sound but content wise it has nothing to vouch for.

    On the whole , please don't recommend it to even most nastiest of your enemies.

    Bottom-line: " Chikku Bhukku " – Total derailment.!

  2. Recently when I saw this movie in TV, it left me wondering how such a nice story could be messed up? It was only today I watched the original (The Classic "Keulraesik") released in 2003. After watching few scenes I realized that Chikku Bukku was inspired by this movie. That answers my question how this movie at least had a good storyline. I would suggest people to watch the The Classic "Keulraesik" rather than Chikku Bukku. The movie really is a classic one. Anyways since I'm reviewing Chikku Bukku, let me comment about the performances. Arya as always is impressive. He is one promising star and lives upto the expectation in this film (He has done his best to make this movie a watchable one). Shriya's acting was horrible. Preethika Rao was good. Music by Hariharan and Lesley Lewis was not upto mark. Pathetic script and direction.

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