DVD Cierre a Blancas

DVD Cierre a Blancas
DVD Cierre a Blancas
Run time: 52 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Drama
Director: Luismartinflores G.
Stars: Lizbeth Vazquez, Raúl Kennedy, María del Carmen Suárez Flores
The film is the story of Richard and his gambling problem. Addiction is the theme of the film, the compulsion to win and escape from his reality are the key elements of the story. What begins as an innocent game of dominoes has become the worst hand of Ricardo’s life! How far can a player go when the addiction for one more game is the only thing in his mind? In one night, Ricardo will have the game of his life. Literally he can win or lose it all! How can a compulsive gambler stop if he is not aware of his passion-addiction? Even when his whole life is seen falling in front of him? Written by Anonymous
Country: Mexico, Canada

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