DVD Cigarette Ki Tarah

DVD Cigarette Ki Tarah
DVD Cigarette Ki Tarah
Run time: 107 min
Rating: 4.1
Genres: Romance | Thriller
Director: Akashaditya Lama
Writers: Pradip Atluri, Bobby Khan
Stars: Ashok Banthia, Sudesh Berry, Yuvika Chaudhry
A story filled with twists and turns which will keep you on the edge of your seats, this romantic thriller is the story of a Guy… See full synopsis »
Country: India
Release Date: 14 December 2012 (India)


  1. An unknown film with a strange unusual title, a strong visible print promotion and many new names in its credits were enough to put me in the obvious doubts. But still, I was ready to give it a chance since I am always eager to get surprised from any of these relatively small ventures which may turn out to be the dark horse of the race any Friday. But unfortunately CIGARETTE KI TARAH is not anywhere close to that and it remains one of those ambitious projects made with an amateurish confident attitude without any basic vision or skill.

    In most of the cases, such films always choose a 'Crime-Thriller' kind of subject for its basic storyline since it easily gives them the opportunity to add all the essential commercial elements into the film ranging from friendship, betrayal, conspiracy, murder, suspense, chase, love and sex. Now playing it safe the makers of CKT also do the same but in the process are not able to give you even a single scene rising above the mediocre level resulting in a pretty bad product in the end. The film begins with a chase sequence and as it progresses showcasing many weak, vague & unrelated scenes, one clearly gets an idea that it is going to be real hard to tolerate this amateurish attempt for the next two hours.

    Confusingly moving between Kanpur and Goa, the first time director Akashaditya Lamadesperately tries every trick of the trade to establish his lead actor Bhoop Yaduvanshi as a hero, in vain. And if the boy is really interested in this tough world of acting then he seriously needs to give it a second thought or try something else. Walking on the same lines, Yuvika Chaudhary also disappoints hugely, who surprisingly looked quite charming in her small cameo in Shahrukh Khan's OM SHANTI OM. Sudesh Berry hams in his every scene but the debutant Madhurima Tulli thankfully gives the viewer something to see on the screen in comparison to others. So we have only one serious actor in here as Prashant Narayanan who also looks too casual suggesting his lack of interest in the project.

    The cinematography of CKT gives you the feeling of a trial video being shot and the same can be said about its background score and soundtrack with some below average tracks. In simple words, either the producers here were too over-confident about their own instincts & so called passion for cinema or they unknowingly hired a less experienced and unprofessional team which was able to give them such a low grade product in return.

    To be honest, I just had one thought in my mind while watching its end credits rolling and it was the way Late JASPAL BHATTI used to boldly write in all his ventures as "Misdirected by Jaspal Bhatti". However where the renowned comic writer-director fondly used the term as an intelligent sarcasm, CIGARETTE KI TARAH suits the term perfectly as a 'T' since its nothing but just another misdirected project backed by some energetic producers.

  2. There is nothing good in film except two songs, MUJHKO KHUD SE, (Singer Kavita Seth) and HEY BHAGWAN (Tochi Raina), at least they manage to reach at average level. Director, Akashditya Lama tries to stuff everything, drama, love, suspense, murder mystery with normal dose of exposure. Film is so badly crafted that eventually you won't get anything but irritation. Story could have been better. Screenplay is of old style, jerky, forced and illogical. A few dialogues are fine. Performance wise there is one actor Prashant Narayan. He does reasonably good job. Rest are not actors at all. Main lead Bhoop Yaduvanshi has given more attention to build a good physique and moderately he succeeded in that. Acting wise he tries to do and learn acting throughout the film. He should have given more attention to his acting skills rather than building a body. His worst performances are in drunken scenes. Two songs are noticeable but not well promoted. A line "HEY BHAGWAN, KARO KALYAN" of a song is catchy. Music of this song is also good. Promotion of this small budget film is good but released badly. Fortunately they don't face any opposition from Hindi cinema but due to no merit it will sink unnoticeable. After all stay away.

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