DVD Concussion

DVD Concussion
DVD Concussion
Run time: 96 min
Rating: 5.8
Genres: Drama
Director: Stacie Passon
Writers: Stacie Passon
Stars: Robin Weigert, Maggie Siff, Johnathan Tchaikovsky
After a blow to the head, Abby decides she can’t do it anymore. Her life just can’t be only about the house, the kids and the wife. She needs more: she needs to be Eleanor.
Plot Keywords: hit with a baseball, hit on the head with a ball, hit on the head, baseball, concussion
Country: USA
Release Date: 5 December 2013 (Germany)
Box Office
Opening Weekend: $8,313 (USA) (4 October 2013)
Gross: $38,361 (USA) (18 October 2013)


  1. Or life altering. I don't think you have to be lesbian to make a film about lesbians, but in this case it clearly did not hurt. But to reduce it only to that (positively/negatively) would not be fair to the movie and the story it tries to tell. The script is clever without trying. Of course some might only be intrigued or appalled as already mentioned by the lesbian theme. Hope you can see through that and concentrate on the movie and its themes.

    It's about love in general, about loss and life and many other things. Dialog is really good, the cast is amazing. It was one of the positive surprises at the Berlin International Festival. I can only recommend it

  2. So this was coming out this week, and i said why not, i remember hearing good things about this movie when it came out at the Sundance Film Festival in the beginning of the year, so yeah, i gave this movie a chance. Concussion is the directorial day view for director Stacie Passon and it stars Robin Weigert, Maggie Siff, Johnathan Tchaikovsky.

    And i don't think i have much to say about this one, i mean it has some quality, its a decent directorial debut, but the movie just did not hit me. Concussion follows Abby a lesbian who is going through a mid-life crises, she has no sex with her partner Julie Fain Lawrence, and she goes to see a hooker. And then things get a bit more complicated. So this actually came first than Blue is the Warmest Color another lesbian story, that unfortunately i have not seen yet, but i am very excited too.

    But the movie is not really about lesbians, or the social problems or anything like that, this movie is about a women that is repressed sexually and is trying to help, another women that are also sexually repressed, she is really discovering herself doing this process. Justin says to Abby that she has to stop doing what she is doing, that what she is doing, he says "this isn't you" and she answers "something has to be me by now". She is really trying to figure things out, inside herself, she knows that she cant keep up with her boring sad life, she wants change.

    The performances are really good, Robin Weigert does some very impressive work in this movie has Abby, but really, that is just it, the movie just does not have enough to offer. And when i left the room i was feeling nothing. Decent debut for its director Stacie Passon and good performance by Robin Weigert but that is basically it. Rating:C+

  3. That was a random display of loneliness. I wonder if there were any grownups in this movie that was truly happy ?? Apart from "The Girl" that was merely neuvrotic that is. The film painted also a very grim picture of middle-class America in my mind. I found it uncomfortable to watch often. But apart from the above mentioned – the acting was damned good on Robin Weigert's part, and she alone kept it interesting for me. If it's a lesbian film ???? Have no idea. There were lesbians in it, but I found it to be overall a society tale of a certain class of Americans, and Jeezz what empty lives they are leading sitting there on there little bikes in the gym, sipping cocktails and joining all kinds of charities. As a European – I do not get this thing the US have about sexuality. Eighter it has to be totally taboo – or down and dirty – I just don't get it. So – I made up my own ending to spice it up a bit. Abby finally got her climax with random Sam – and I do not think that that stopped after the last frame – finally left her ice-prinsess Kate, and managed to get some happiness into her life. At leased – that would be something to stop the boredom.

  4. Robin Weigert stars as Abby, a bored suburban lesbian housewife who seeks to turn her sexual fantasies into reality. When she's hit in the head by accident by her son wielding a baseball bat, this appears to be the catalyst that propels her into a new life of sensuous abandon.

    The concussion itself may be the catalyst but the real reason why Abby seeks to make changes in her life is because of the lack of passion in her relationship with her wife, Kate, an attorney who no longer seems to be interested in sex.

    Abby tries two separate forays with prostitutes—the first a disaster, as the woman makes her feel dirty when they have sex. The second is the opposite: Gretchen, a young, sexy woman who's putting herself through school by servicing clients. Abby meets the latter through Jake, a young contractor who she's conscripted to work on her new avocation—renovating fixer-uppers in Manhattan for profit. Things go so well with Gretchen that Abby decides to turn tricks herself for $800 a pop, with the help of Jake, who finds various clients for her.

    It does take a while before we break into Act Two when Abby sets off on her own, and often it's difficult to figure out who's who and what the characters are saying. This may due in part to director Stacie Passon's cinema verité style.

    Once the protagonist begins meeting the clients, I would say what happens is mildly interesting. Abby has three main clients: an obese student who's never had sex before; a well-off middle-aged woman who at first leaves without engaging and a third woman, Sam (Maggie Siff), a bisexual woman who lives in Abby's neighborhood. The sex scenes are chaste in comparison to other 'art' films such as 'Blue is the Warmest Color' and here and there, Ms. Passon does a decent enough job of fleshing most of the characters out.

    The scenes involving the couples' children were obviously inserted to show that Abby's forays into self-gratification were not her sole preoccupation. In fact, she comes across as an involved Mom, along with her significant other, despite their inescapable estrangement.

    Passon's strategy perhaps is to illustrate her own fantasy life which is comprised of an active sex drive as well as a need to play therapist (Abby never sends away the inexperienced women who are in need of comforting).

    Some may be put off by Abby's detachment but personally that didn't bother me at all. Overall, this is a professional made film with actors that deliver an air of assured verisimilitude. The slow pacing may be off-putting and the denouement is indecisive, but for those with the taste for it, you should find the film engaging. 'Concussion' indeed is a bit off-beat, but registers well in the pantheon of current art house indies.

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