DVD Cowboy Spirit

DVD Cowboy Spirit
DVD Cowboy Spirit
Run time: 94 min
Rating: 6.5
Genres: Western
Director: William F. Miller
Writers: Mike Allison
Stars: Rich Manley, Ayla Brown, Jenna Laurenzo
Ted has it all, a great job, a beautiful fiance, and a wonderful life ahead of him, but a twist of fate leads him to rely on the lessons he learned in the summers of his youth with his grandfather – a former champion rodeo cowboy. To save a dying young girl, he must make the ride of a lifetime. Written by Mike Allison
Country: USA
Release Date: 30 November 2012 (USA)


  1. It is clear the reviewer above did not watch Cowboy Spirit. This independent film did a wonderful job of bringing relatively unknown actors together and creating a gripping, captivating film. The film is about Ted, a young man who has strayed from his humble beginnings to pursue wealth and power. Through a series of events, Ted is given the opportunity to do the right thing and realizes there is more to life than material goods. This beautifully written film does a good job of laying out a dramatic story line while keeping the dialog light and humorous, allowing for a highly engaging experience. I suspect this is not the last we will hear of the Cowboy Spirit crew and look forward to their next piece.

  2. In my many days as an IMDb reviewer, never before have I seen such a poorly made film as "Cowboy Spirit." It is disturbing to me that I must even associate the Fonce-Schwette name with this feature. If it were not available to view free of charge online, I would have had no choice but to give this film 0 out of 10 stars. Do not waste your time with this film. I found it extremely cliché, with abysmal dialog and digital effects that would make my granddaughter, Pruishia Fonce-Schwette, weep. Hopefully there will be no sequel for this title, as I do not believe I could sit through another film. If this movie was about the spirit of a cowboy, then the spirit is a vengeful poltergeist who has nothing better to do than to terrorize helpless reviewers trying to get some peaceful rest.

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