DVD Crash Site

DVD Crash Site
DVD Crash Site

Rating: 3.2
Genres: Drama | Horror | Thriller
Director: Jason Bourque
Writers: Joseph Nasser
Stars: Charisma Carpenter, Sebastian Spence, Katie Findlay
A married couple on vacation finds more terror than relaxation when their jeep crashes in an isolated location and they have to fight their way back to civilization, in spite of injuries, snakebites, and the vicious animals that surround them. Written by Ermintrude
Plot Keywords: fish out of water, man vs nature, swamp fever, lost in the woods, christian subtext
Country: USA, Canada
Release Date: 26 August 2011 (USA)
Box Office
Budget: $1,000,000 (estimated)


  1. Tyro Canadian director Joseph Bourque and the Passer family have ejected CRASH SITE, a seemingly high powered melodrama in which spouses attending a family event at their country lodge are stalked by assailants. Although it begins and ends on a note of corporate espionage,, the bulk of the movie follows the couple's survival and marital disintegration in the wilderness, following a car crash in which their Jeep had been sabotaged. Borque and his scenarist Joseph Passer have likewise sabotage their vehicle by portraying the Sanders as unsympathetic and aggressively self-centered — and in her case, stupidly impulsive. Without a likable character in sight, the story degenerates into tedium. The finale generates some excitement but the denouement is dreary and clichéd. One could say the parallels generated in the story are interesting to consider — such as the cataclysmic auto wreck that the Sanders miraculously survive, occurring right after Dan Sanders' financial firm begins faltering under a hacker's siege. And some effort is made to convey the Sanders' upper class status and the business life of Dan as a purveyor of great banking wealth, who is helpless and hapless, hobbled and without a compass in the forest. But the twists and turns in CRASH SITE are not engaging enough because the leads are insufferable whiners.

    My previous exposure to Bourque was the not-bad SyFy Channel programmers DOOMSDAY PROPHECY (2011) and TERMINATION POINT (2007). CRASH SITE is advertised as a thriller with horror elements, with horrific scenes credited to human led carnage (mostly off-screen) that occurs during the final act and the potentially exciting but underdeveloped subplot of hungry wolves that follow the hapless Sanders couple through the outback. These mild horrors are rendered microscopic compared with the film's score, an obtrusive cacophony of poor library music that always threatens to sink this delicate project into even muddier mediocrity. As the "battling bickersons," Sebastian Spence as Dan tries hard but is submerged in a weak characters, while Charisma Carpenter as the wife has all the charm of a snake in a sleeping bag. The remaining cast was perfunctory and unmemorable.

  2. Too damn common to simply seek the best films, best directors, best art direction. BAH HUMBUG! Isn't a far more worthy quest that which exposes the really stinky cheeses? The sort that even adventurous/daredevil eaters won't put anywhere near their usually-forgiving mouths.

    This director might be a contender for worst of the worst.

    Sure, if you really try you can find worse on perhaps a local level. A student maybe, who is probably more suited towards a career as a janitor. Or an ex local-TV "director" who's always wanted to make a film, and now that ANY low-end camera also shoots (consumer-grade) HD video….their dream is now coming true! (years after their meager skills ousted them from doing even the least challenging form of work at their under-funded TV gig) So yes, you can find "worse". But in terms of those who have worked repeatedly, have more work coming, and a body of past work which makes you smell the cheeses mentioned earlier, this guy might be what we've been looking for: The Worst Director! (who is still working, that is) Could he, this film, this writing, and this cheese be any worse? Yes. But not much.

    Even the poster looks like it was sent to a community colleges graphics-arts program, and the 1st semester kids won the coin toss to "work on a real film poster"! Exciting? You bet! Those of y'all nukka's who complain about Brett Ratner, Mikey Bay, Ewe Boll, and the other usual suspects who make up the "Worst directors of all time" lists….need to check yoself, 4 u wrek uselph, nuks! Move over, Boll, you've been bested.

    Also, buy Crash Site online for a great gift for someone you despise. What other use could their be? The film is so bad that, if you noticed, I ain't even mentioned it. It's magically suckalicious.

    In closing, it's good to remember that students will always get better. And presumably be embarrassed by the quality of their first efforts. It's inevitable.

    With that in mind, what type of person directs/writes arse-gravy of this kind? Then does it again. And again.

    Says a whole, damn, lot.

    I'm buying the director a copy of his dreadful film for Xmas. Hope he likes it. It will be sent in a lovely box, tied with ribbon, and with a note inside made from paper infused with ancient fibers, flowers, and this beautiful Haiku:

    Jason Bourque, cheesy

    Crash Site, sucks, burning anus

    pulsate kindly, still

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