DVD Crulic – drumul spre dincolo

DVD Crulic – drumul spre dincolo
DVD Crulic – drumul spre dincolo
Run time: 73 min
Rating: 7.6
Genres: Animation | Biography | Drama
Director: Anca Damian
Writers: Anca Damian
Stars: Sandrine Bonnaire, Vlad Ivanov, Jamie Sives
The animated documentary feature-length Crulic The Path to Beyond tells the story of the life of Crulic… See full synopsis »
Plot Keywords: false accusation, hospital, injustice, innocence, foreigner
Country: Romania, Poland
Release Date: 21 October 2011 (Romania)
Box Office
Budget: €292,000 (estimated)


  1. a poor man. his story. gray. basic. common.nothing special. an ordinary Romanian. a way to Poland. and lines of hell.scapegoat for a theft. ambiguous evidences Kafkaesque justice. blind doctors. deaf consul. and hunger strike as only weapon. from Krakow cell to death. a tragedy like many others. tragedy of a crumb-person isolated by the indifference. story of Claudiu Crulic. 32 years. from Central Europe. victim. obstacle for a Foreign Minister, subject of news and axis for few late investigations. a man like a fly or spider or chicken. without price, without importance. only a shadows. the movie is not a pledge, not a documentary. it is a tale. common. gray. subtle. with slices of black humor. testimony about passing of a man in life. the verdict can be given only by the public. a isolated case ? an accident ? a murder ? a fact ? must see it ! for its virtue of good film. for its virtue of mirror.

  2. I've seen the movie at Istanbul Film Festival. Excellent artwork, pathetic story. Roman workers problematic is familiar for us. We can understand the story very well. In this story you can easily feel Roman workers situation. Artwork is very impressive and has different style. This story reminded me "Waltz with Bashir" Very impressive story about human rights. Director told a powerful story thanks to animation. With real scenes it can be difficult to catch this power. I have seen the movie in a big movie hall. After the movie audience applauded the movie and director. We look forward seeing the team's new animations and artworks. Congratulations.!!!

  3. "Crulic – The Path to Beyond" might not fit the standard definition of "documentary" as it uses animation to tell the true story of a Romanian immigrant who is falsely accused of a crime and imprisoned for it. The subject of the doc tells his tale from "beyond" and relates the facts of his case and its eventual resolution. Several styles of animation are used to illustrate Crulic's plight, his attempts to seek release, and his decision to go on a hunger strike to assert his innocence. The case is eventually dropped – because of the death of the accused.

    "Crulic" tells its story in a relatively scant 70 minutes and it tells it well. Only two voices are heard (a narrators and Crulic's) but much more is told via the animation. The soft watercolor palettes may seem at odds with the harshness of the tale, but the contrast works. What may have been a very dry documentary holds the viewers attention visually and this allows the spoken words to resonate.

    Sadly, Crulic's tale of "justice denied" is not an uncommon one.


  4. This fantastic documentary tells the story of Claudiu Crulic, a 33 yr old Romanian wrongfully accused of stealing the wallet of a Polish judge and his experience on hunger strike while imprisoned as an act of his innocents and demand for help from the Romanian consul that never comes. Told by Crulic, from beyond the grave, he recounts his life story up to his death with details on how he was in Italy at the time of the crime in Poland, his experience while on hunger strike and how prison doctors and the Romanian consul did nothing for his case nor well-being. A case that slipped through the prison cracks. To make it further infuriating, prison doctors claimed he was fine almost up to the very end when he is so emaciated he looked like a 70 yr old man instead of the youthful 33 yr old he was just a couple months prior. By the time prison doctors finally sent him to a hospital, he was so deteriorated his body was beyond medical repair and slowing dying. After his death receives international attention, all authorities and doctors involved denied responsibility and eventually let to the resignation of Romanian foreign minister. Though the film could be slow at times, it is brilliantly and powerfully depicted through various animation techniques of hand-drawn animation, cutouts from photographs, scanned documents, projection, stop motion and digital 3D that manages to hold the viewers attention and keeps them intrigued throughout.

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