DVD Curveball

DVD Curveball
DVD Curveball
Run time: 79 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy | Drama
Director: Tytus Bergstrom
Writers: Tytus Bergstrom, Jon Minadeo
Stars: Jon Minadeo, David Weise, Sandy Morrisa
James is finally on his way to overcoming years of alcohol and drug abuse. Optimistic that life can only get better, he decides it’s time to take the next big step. On the day he is about to propose to his girlfriend, Sara, he discovers the greatest betrayal of his life. His best friend, Lyle, and Sara have been harboring a sordid affair right under his nose. The entangled trio begins to experiment with unorthodox methods to save their fragile relationships, yet each attempt only worsens the situation. Written by Anonymous
Country: USA

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