DVD Dancing Cows

DVD Dancing Cows
DVD Dancing Cows
Run time: 84 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy | Drama | Music
Director: José Luis Bayonas
Writers: José Luis Bayonas
Stars: Colin Cairnes, Lyn Stone
The band plays and nobody listens. Musician 1 blames the crowd, Musician 2 blames the music. We’ll follow the journeys of Three Women Without Men, One Man With Three Women and A Prodigal Son who tries to communicate with his father for the first time but realizes he may have left it too late. When the band disbands the whole town starts to fall apart – this is when Groucho Marx, the Cows and George turn up. Dancing Cows is a story about hope and about how easy it is to change the planet if ‘you play from the heart’ instead of pointing the finger. Written by Anonymous
Country: Australia

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