DVD Dangerous Attractions

DVD Dangerous Attractions
DVD Dangerous Attractions

Run time: 85 min
Rating: 5.2
Genres: Romance
Director: Austin Brooks
Stars: Kelli McCarty, Shawna Lenee, Jason Sarcinelli
A detective goes searching for a woman who has been killing men after having sex with them, only to bond with the woman and decides to protect her.
Plot Keywords: cunnilingus, softcore
Country: USA
Release Date: 2010 (USA)


  1. A murder investigation involving a male stud (porn regular Sean Juergens, who has shared a bed with the most alluring of softcore goddesses) has a detective looking for a missing girl (Shauna Lenee, quite a beauty) who might know details needed to solve the homicide. It might just involve Christian Cage who seems to have cast a spell over many women the detective encounters. A trio of women (including Lenee), become embroiled in this investigation as the detective seeks answers. Both Kelli McCarty (who is Lenee's friend/lover who introduced the missing girl to Cage) and feisty India Summer (smoldering and seductive as usual) are investigated. There's no real mystery to this case, to be honest. I always get a kick out of these movies which have certain kinds of men getting plenty of action not exactly blessed with the most impressive physiques. Cage is no different and the girls just get weak in the knees at his presence. Cage carries a proper menace needed when around the girls he continues to seduce, but Summer is another kind of woman altogether, vocal and tough, she may be the one exception the detective needs to turn the other girls against their manwhore. While the plot has the basic trappings of a murder investigation plot we who watch softcore (especially in the 90s and early part of the 2000s) are accustomed to, it's more of the same, really. What I look for are passionate sex scenes and beautiful enough women to satisfy my base desires. Summer, for me, is one of the best porn actresses working today—incredibly sexy and quite energetic/enthusiastic when performing on screen. In this film she plays hardball with the detective (I think the actor's name is John Mesner), and we see a sexual tension between the two of them that is palpable, eventually leading to a playful sexual encounter that erupts when they finally address their urges to one another. Lenee and McCarty have a steamy love-making scene which soon morphs into a threesome, much to my dismay (I preferred seeing the ladies get it on, even though I'm not into McCarty much at all). Another erotic scene has Cage catching Lenee entering Summer's home through the glass door, expecting her to conceal a fact regarding the murder of Juergens, getting some more action just moments after banging India. Later, Lenee admits (India tells Mesner she saw Cage and Lenee together, not very happy about it and who could blame her?) that she was scared that he would kill her which is why she complied with having sex, but the girl sure didn't look too frightened to me. I love that about these movies, those instances where a woman sure looks to be enjoying oral pleasure and the man shagging her in various ways, only to admit later that the compliance was because of fear of harm. Lenee has quite a body, I'll tell you, making up for the fact the poor girl couldn't act a lick. India Summer, however, is the real deal. She's comfortable in front of the camera and has awesome chemistry with any man or woman she becomes involved with. Lenee is better utilized for her sex scenes alone, with the others better equipped for doing the talking.

  2. Can a movie be worth watching just because of the Women in the movie? If the answer is Yes, then this movie must be an 8 or 9. However, if your looking for a movie that you will enjoy because of the story, then this one is a 1 or a 2.

    So we have a detective brought in to investigate a murder. At first the Chief suspect is a women who had spent the night with the murder victim. Turns out that the women has disappeared and the detective starts to look for her. He investigates her roommate, played by the stunning India Summer, and the girls best friend, Kelli McCarty and the girls manager, partner, pimp whatever you want to call him. I will let you guess who the actual perpetrator ends up being.

    India Summer and Kelli McCarty are hot and make this movie a visual pleasure to watch. If your looking for a great story, look somewhere else.

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