DVD Dark Shields

DVD Dark Shields
Run time: 109 min
Rating: 5.2
Genres: Crime | Drama | Thriller
Director: Larry Greene
Writers: Larry Greene, Larry Greene
Stars: Larry Greene, Charles Adames, Anthony Cruz
This hard hitting Crime Drama is about a group of Detectives who are assigned to bring down a dangerous but untouchable criminal all while trying to figure out who robbed a retired mob boss and left him for dead.
Country: USA

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  1. Review Link :Unratedurbanmagazine.com By Tamara Jenkins

    Dark Shields, an independent film from Indept Pictures, is a crime drama that shows the dark side of the good guys. Directed by Larry Greene, who also stars in the drama, the film depicts the lives of five police officers who grew weary of working day in and day out, without the same financial benefits of the hustlers and criminals that they arrest.

    Desmond, played by Larry Greene, is the leader of a police detective group and the mastermind to the corruption. He, along with four other officers, robs and kills as they see fit, all to acquire the mighty dollar. Some of these men are fathers, devoted sons, as well as men scrapping for child support; therefore, in their eyes, dirty money is their only way to survive on a cop's salary.

    They justify their actions by adhering to the old creed of "it's only dirty money held by dirty people''. However, once they are mixed in a situation that takes the control from their hands, they realize that greed may not be worth the risk.

    The anticipation of knowing who comes out on top leaves you on the edge.

    Although this movie is not Oscar worthy, it does do a good job with what it was given. It is very action packed and has some surprising moments. The performances were respectable and once these young actors become a little more seasoned, I am sure their talent will take them far.

    Dark Shields was screened at the Portage Theater in northwest Chicago. The atmosphere of the old time theater added to movies' appeal. The director and some of the films actors attended this event.

    I recommend viewing Dark Shields because of its old tale of good guys gone bad.

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