DVD Day of the Joe

DVD Day of the Joe
DVD Day of the Joe
Run time: 114 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Comedy | Drama | Romance
Director: Brian Eisener
Writers: Brian Eisener
Stars: Rebecca Ambrosino, Eliana Clay, Jenny Cluett
Emotionally scarred from a traumatic childhood experience involving projectile fish cakes and his first crush in grade six, socially awkward Joe is unable to approach his long-term secret crush Anna-Beth at work. He turns to his ultra suave housemate Ryan, who has a different girlfriend every day, for advice. Together they devise an elaborate plan, to make a (secretly fake) feature-length film, and cast his love interest in the leading role. But when love-struck Joe inadvertently promises the girl of his dreams to create a romantic comedy, combined with elements of horror, mystery, action and a spooky reality based ending, he is bound to oblige. The ensuing chaos results in a touching and genuine film about relationships, and the pain of losing the one you love. Written by Anonymous
Country: Canada

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