DVD De president

DVD De president
DVD De president

Run time: 90 min
Rating: 4.2
Genres: Comedy | Fantasy | Romance
Director: Erik de Bruyn
Writers: Khalid Boudou, Marco van Geffen
Stars: Achmed Akkabi, Najib Amhali, Charlie Dagelet
A political comedy about an illegal Morrocan who makes it to President of the Netherlands. As we follow his unlikely rise and selfsought fall, Joes learns that it’s easy to win the support of the people, but to rule them is a whole other story. Written by Lemming Film
Plot Keywords: president, two word title
Country: Netherlands
Release Date: 15 September 2011 (Netherlands)
Box Office
Budget: €2,700,000 (estimated)


  1. This is without any doubt the worst movie ever produced on this planet. If this movie was sponsored with tax payers money – which is very common in the Netherlands – than he or she responsible should be fired immediately. There are too many story lines, the jokes are bad, the characters are far from realistic. It almost looks like the makers are regarding their target group as mentally disabled patients who need to be entertained with childish jokes, it is just an insult for the interested movie watcher. It's so terribly humiliating for the Dutch film industry that I can not just understand why nobody took action when making it. De President is a perfect example of imposed multi cultural thinking in the Netherlands. If you want to see an example of a real bad movie,….go see it,otherwise, stay away as far as you can from this.

  2. Ever since my early years politics has infested my brain, and by now this bacteria has completely taken over command. of course this is not so bad, since politics do at least say the final word in affairs of war and peace. It matters. So when recently a new Dutch political film was released, called De President, I immediately rushed to the store in order to buy the DVD. And it is truly amazing, it must be said. The theme is simple: the Dutch elite is fed up with the parliamentary system, and instead introduces the omnipotent rule by the elected president. Two candidates – a male and a female – enter the competition for the post, and fight each other with simplistic slogans. The male candidate is no match for the other, and therefore his camp hires a running mate. This is the migrant Youssouf from North Africa, who in the Netherlands has become a people's hero. In my view the line up of Youssouf forms the essence of the film. He is not in it for the money, far from that. No, it is simply the honor of the job, Sure, he would like to have a private swimming pool, a fast car, and perennial television (no alcohol please). Amazing? Would not we all? At least the personnel staff comes with the job. Youssouf has a sound brain with the accompanying healthy principles, originating from centuries of North-African tradition. And soon the Dutch people start to revere him. He gets the job, and comes into power. Having written this, nobody is perfect, and gradually Youssouf slacks off. The two other presidential candidates see their chances, and orchestrate a coup d'etat. Nevertheless justice always prevails, certainly in this film here, and with the help of the people Youssouf returns. Sadder and wiser, in a heart-warming speech he reinstalls the parliamentary system. A love story is included, albeit somewhat amateurish (sorry sorry). So this is De President for you. But let us get serious, what is it really all about? Evidently the film is inspired by the rise of popular right-wing parties all over the world. In the USA, you have the Tea Party. And in Europe each nation has its own national brew. Their concerns are basically the wealth and safety of the (upper) middle classes, through the appointment of omnipotent rulers. They emerge as a reaction to the rise of globalization, that destroys the security of the traditional local communities. Take my advise, and apply my analysis while watching De President. Give it a try. The reward may be great, I am sure. Reflect on it. Amazing, isn't it? And the best of it all: the whole affair is subtitled and therefore accessible to Americans.

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