DVD Dead Americans

DVD Dead Americans
DVD Dead Americans
Rating: 7.1
Genres: Sci-Fi
Director: Ken Collins
Writers: Ken Collins
Stars: Ken Collins, Jay Hewlett, Andrea Forcina
Consumed by rage after losing his wife on 9/11, Michael Penn (Ken Collins) enlists in the military with an obsession for vengeance on the battlefield. Penn soon becomes entangled in a deadly black project designed to generate the ultimate assassin. Renamed: “Sandman,” Penn and sleeper-killers like him find themselves in a brutal game on the streets of America where they can come off the board at any time. Jay Hewlett executes a gripping performance as Malcolm, the NSA agent tasked with eliminating the problem before embarrassing details are exposed. “Dead Americans” is a provocative thriller that is as exciting as it is timely. There is no margin for error for Penn and the others as they discover, that when your time comes, its not death, it’s deactivation. Written by Staff Writer – Largo Films
Plot Keywords: nsa, assassin, suicide, motorcycle, mind control
Country: USA
Release Date: 2010 (USA)

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