DVD Dead

DVD Dead
DVD Dead
Rating: 5.4
Genres: Drama
Director: Sven Halfar
Writers: Sven Halfar
Stars: Tilman Strauss, Niklas Kohrt, Thomas Schendel
Country: Germany
Release Date: 10 February 2013 (Germany)

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  1. I had the unfortunate pleasure of watching this at the Berlin Internation Film Festival. From what I can say, the crowd was divided. People who loved this and people who outright hated it. I wouldn't go as far as to say I hated it. I just didn't think it was any good. But that will not affect the director of this or anyone else involved. They had their fun (during the making of it and especially in Berlin) and I'm sure they're planning their next project already.

    Why didn't I like it you ask? I don't categorize the movies I'm about to watch or that I did watch in boxes like "Pulp". If I distinguish them (other than good or bad in my humble opinion), it's about the genre they are playing in. Now this I thought was bad, because the acting, the story and the characters build a mash-up that was tough to watch. That was my experience with it, maybe you can have another … But you've been warned

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