DVD Deadstar the Movie

DVD Deadstar the Movie
DVD Deadstar the Movie
Run time: 63 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Animation
Director: Brandon Wright
Writers: Brandon Wright
Stars: Sarah Addison, Andrew Armstrong, Meosha Bean
Set in a distant universe, the main character, Harrison was a soldier in a rebellion against a galactic organization called Atlas. However, Harrison was dishonorably discharged after he became to emotionally unpredictable when his mother died. The story begins 2 months after his discharge and 3 months after his mothers death. Harrison works for his mothers scientific research company known as the Genesis Research and Development Enterprise. Their focus is to attempt to revitalize the plant and natural life on planets where the natural has essentially died out. Harrison helps his mother’s old colleagues, Dr. Camal and Dr. Anna May, with attaining rare flowers from criminals who hope to use them for illegal trading and drug use. After one of Harrison’s missions goes awry, he finds a strange lost little girl, Panala, from different planet. After he agrees to take her home, Harrison and Panala soon discover that her mysterious power may become a danger not just to themselves, but to the … Written by Brandon Wright
Plot Keywords: anime
Country: USA
Release Date: 3 January 2014 (USA)

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