DVD Divana-e-Ishq

DVD Divana-e-Ishq
DVD Divana-e-Ishq
Run time: 147 min
Rating: 7.3
Genres: Romance
Director: Pankaj Prakash
Writers: Mukesh Kumar, Manju Sinha
Country: Mauritius
Release Date: 10 July 2013 (India)

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  1. The movie has a great spell for those in love or have ever been in love. you can watch in online on http://www.moviedlx.com Its a great film – realistic, lively, grabbing, musical and interesting 🙂 The actors are good in presenting themselves. The cast in Iranian context is excellent. Friends of the hero are good in presenting themselves. The Indian cast is good in terms of presenting a real spell on the audience. Not a fantasy but very realistic and to the ground. Interesting acting by hero and heroine. Heroine is true to her role, confident and self aware. Hero is more as a chocolaty boy with very good outlook to life. The movie overall keep you bound to your seat.

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