DVD Doctor Love

DVD Doctor Love
DVD Doctor Love

Run time: 155 min
Rating: 5.2
Genres: Romance
Director: K. Biju
Stars: Ananya, Bhavana, Kunchacko Boban
Vinayachandran is busy trying every trick of the trade to make both ends meet. He writes and publishes bland love stories that he sells off for a cheap price. One day, he meets a Professor, who mistakes him to be an expert in resolving issues of love. And within no time, Vinayachandran, who follows him to college, get known in the campus as Dr. Love. Written by Anonymous
Country: India
Release Date: 15 September 2011 (Kuwait)


  1. A collegiate youthful movie with some colorful moments dunked in a poor script and some peppy songs would make Dr.Love an OK movie of sorts, its just watchable if you are outta college and enjoyable if you are still in college.

    The story so thin, the screenplay had its strength in shades, and it all was burdened upon some youngsters in a college plot. Well, Kunchako Boban shows out why hes still the sought after chocolate hero in malayalam. The Romance Consultant do make some statements which did touch me as a commoner – the scene in which he says how he wished he could fight like Mohanlal in movies. That said, there are scenes which are too inane and stupid. One thing i hated was the misplaced irky Bhavana who was raving through out the movie – luckily her dialogs were booed that i dint hear most of them in cinema.

    The music needs special mention which had some peppy and melodic tracks, the title song and graphics were aberrant & fresh and eye-catching. Casting was okay though it was dejavu when i saw many of the young guys from "Sevens". If you really need to bunk your boring lectures or if u would love to spend some time with your friends, Dr. Love is highly recommended. For serious movie buffs it would be a passable affair!

  2. A film not worth the watch.

    Hey, Mr. Biju, we have seen a lot of this stuff bro. The situations, the settings, the songs have all been done before. It gets a bit boring after sometime. And downright unbearable in a few scenes. The only relief is the Salim Kumar entry. The rest of the jokes were a bit strained in a way. The actors too were uncertain, or overtly exaggerating. Only Ananya gave her role the required grace. And please don't make 'love' seem so squeamish. We lovers know how to keep it divine. But hats off to the cameraman for bringing out the best locales of SBC. Thanks for bringing back memories of my college.

    Watch it at your own risk!!

  3. 'Dr.Love' is a movie primarily aimed at the youth. An interesting plot loosely inspired from the Tamil flick 'Shahjahan', this debut attempt from director K Biju, and it has its share of loose ends, the outcome leaves you feeling about the money you spent.

    I didn't like the movie. One of the worst films in Malayalam industry. Some of the songs are good. Salim Kumar's entry was also hilarious. Apart from that, the film is an utter waste.

    Acting wise, Bhavana was over-dramatic . New faces were 'okay' . Other casts also were boring. Nedumudi Venu played justice to his role.

    The script lacked essence. This kind of atmosphere would never be found in a college campus. These kinds of films put Malayalam movie industry in danger. Overall, the film is a boring one.

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