DVD Dream On

DVD Dream On
DVD Dream On
Rating: 5.3
Genres: Drama
Director: Lloyd Eyre-Morgan
Writers: Lloyd Eyre-Morgan
Stars: Bradley Cross, Joe Gosling, Janet Bamford
The course of true love does not run smoothly for two young lads in Norman’s Cozy Welsh campsite in the mid 80s. Paul, an innocent northerner from Rochdale, meets George, a jack the lad, nervy young man from London. Paul has come on holiday with his domineering mum Denise and her attempts to control him, though comic, throw him further into thrall with George. Both teenagers dream of escape but their dreams go through many ups and downs in the course of Dream On. Based on the play by Lloyd Eyre-Morgan Written by Lloyd Eyre-Morgan
Plot Keywords: face slap, crying, boyfriend boyfriend relationship, best friend, runaway
Country: UK
Release Date: 10 June 2013 (UK)

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  1. A young Alan Bennet meets Danny Dyer in this melodic and reminiscent tale of sexual awakening.

    The nasal tones, the mono tonal delivery and the timid performance of Bradley Cross is at times charming, at times cheesy and at times soporific. The rather more sprightly, though perhaps less thoughtful, performance by Joe Gosling lends the film a certain youthful buoyancy and charm; much needed in what can on occasion feel like slow moving film.

    The writing displays a rich enjoyment of language and dialect; the story deals delicately with its subject and displays a tenderness and reality not always seen in this genre. The style and setting evokes everything people love to hate about the '80s, even giving the late Lady Thatcher a cameo mention.

    Whilst not perfect the film was thoughtful and thoroughly enjoyable, definitely one to add to the list.

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