DVD Dry Run

DVD Dry Run
DVD Dry Run

Rating: 8.5
Genres: Crime | Drama
Director: Aram Boyrazian
Writers: Aram Boyrazian
Stars: Max Ryan, Steph DuVall, Diora Baird
Before it all came to a head, James’s life was as simple as it could be for him: at home, he was a husband and father with a job as an auto mechanic; elsewhere, he was a courier for a shady club owner and gunhand to an organized criminal enterprise. After four years of running from his past, he connects with Nye–an old friend from his time in prison and the only person that he believes he can trust–and the two set out on the road, where they reminisce about the course of events that led him to this day. Written by Prod./ADM
Plot Keywords: number in title
Country: USA
Box Office
Budget: $500,000 (estimated)

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