DVD El círculo de Raynard

DVD El círculo de Raynard
DVD El círculo de Raynard

Run time: 92 min
Rating: 0.0
Genres: Fantasy | Mystery | Thriller
Director: María Valle, Manuel Vidal
Writers: Raúl González, Raúl González
Stars: Juan Martín Gravina, Chema Ruiz, David Carrio
A film crew are making a documentary about Frederich Raynard, a nazi war criminal, expert in occultism who could have ended his days in a town in northern Spain. What starts as an easy job soon will become a dark adventure that will change their lives forever. With Raynard diary in their hands and chased by a secret organization, they will look for Macias help, a parapsychology professor. By him, they will soon find out their lives are in danger and the only way to save themselves is to perform one of the rituals from Raynard diary. The ritual that caused Raynard death years back. Written by Anonymous
Plot Keywords: misterio, nazi, ritual, terror, independent film
Country: Spain

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